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WhatsApp prepares a new type of groups in which only administrators can talk

WhatsApp prepares a new type of groups in which only administrators can talk

WhatsApp continues its incessant battle to make its groups more and more relevant . We’ve talked about it ever , and it seems that the latest news that has been launching social messaging network -increasingly social and less messaging -point to this type of ** mass communications where it is still at a disadvantage compared to the alternatives.

When it comes to getting a message to a broad group of people, more directly and intrusively than using a Facebook page or a tweet, messaging applications such as Telegram are more suitable channels. In fact, the Russian application is the one chosen by many brands . and it is that the groups in Telegram have quite clear advantages that it seems that WhatsApp is willing to overcome, as the novelty that concerns us today.


The latest news on WhatsApp has arrived a little strange. No official announcement, not even a direct leak from the usual WABetaInfo. This time it was one of his tweets that, in a very veiled, we have discovered this functionality that it seems that WhatsApp would be testing :


Let’s analyze what this tweet reveals exactly. On the one hand, WABetaInfo assumes that there is a new functionality, called Send Message , whose peculiarity is that it would allow restricting messages in groups. On the other hand, warns that using this function is only possible in “modded” versions of WhatsApp and, therefore, it is not safe.

Do broadcast messages arrive on WhatsApp?

It would not be too far-fetched to imagine that the decision to restrict or not the ability to send messages in a group would be in the hands of administrators , by the very logic of running chats with multiple users. Also why the latest developments have given them more decision-making power in the groups.

In this way, we would find two scenarios: either that the administrators could censor the participation of some member of the group, silencing it completely ; or, going a step further, that administrators would have the ability to restrict the broadcast of messages so that only they themselves could send content.

Whatsapp Business 2

The latter is an option that also exists in Telegram broadcast messages , in which the rest of the group or supergroup participants are only passive recipients of the information: they have no possibility of reply. A fantastic tool for a brand or company to communicate its news , policies or promotions, all services that would fit perfectly into a service more focused on the business, such as WhatsApp for Business .

Third-party applications

At DIY Somo we have already explained why it is a bad idea to use third-party applications to use WhatsApp. Basically, the courier service could end up expelling you from your platform and your associated number would be left out.

In WABetaInfo they have explained something similar regarding this novelty. For now, the only ones who have used the new function are, according to his words, those with “modified” applications that do not use the official WhatsApp distribution channels . WhatsAApp, he explains, “could detect who is using a new tool illegally ” and prohibit them from continuing to use the platform.

For this reason,  we insist on the recommendation not to use third-party WhatsApp clients and wait for the new functionality to appear -if it ends up really doing it- in one of the official channels, even in the WhatsApp Beta Program where it would just fulfill its function by opening the doors of experimental functions .

WhatsApp Messenger (Beta)

WhatsApp Messenger (Beta)

Via | WABetaInfo

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