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5 Days Weight Loss Diet Plan for beginners 

Weight Loss Diet Plan for Beginners

Looking for a weight loss diet plan?

Ever thought why there is so much obesity around us?

Fact: Obesity has become one of the biggest public health problems.

It is a true disease and its origins are complex and multifactorial. It reflects a disorder of appetite regulation and energy metabolism (involving pathophysiological and biochemical factors, genetic and hereditary factors and also psychosocial cultural factors related to the environment).

This is what makes about 19% of the world’s population overweight.  

Ever thought about stable long-term weight loss?

The return to an “ideal” body mass index was long considered by the medical profession as an imperative goal and perfectly possible for the obese.

This conception was transmitted to the public by the media, which reinforced the notion of thinness giving the image of the ideal body. As a result, there is now considerable pressure on overweight people to regain their image or even achieve a lower value (18.5) of body mass index (BMI).

Returning to a weight that is considered “ideal” is not an easy goal due to the following reasons:

  • Physiological responses limit thinning.
  • Repeated failures are a source of loss of confidence,
  • Poor self-esteem may contribute to regaining weight.

Clinical trials show that most patients stop losing weight after 16 weeks (8 kg) and generally do not resist for more than 6 months.

What a healthy weight loss diet plan should include?

Fact: A serious hypo-caloric regime must take into account 5 imperatives:

  • Security
  • Sufficient restrictions to produce an energy deficit
  • Balance in nutritional content
  • Guaranteed health improvement
  • It should be included in a weight management program

Balance of nutritional content is the key to a healthy diet

There are 2 types of conventional diet plans:

  1. Counting calories, restricting carbohydrates
  2. Restricting fats

These are composed of a large variety of foods, but generally deficient in vitamins and minerals, at a level equivalent to that of dietary allowances (RDA); unless at least the calories consumed are in the range of 800-1,200 kcal.

Did you know: Food diets based on self-selection often underestimate the energy content by a substantial margin?

This situation is less likely to occur if the food is prepared with the guidance of a dietician.

But: It should be appreciated that the findings are in fact those of foods prepared by dietitians.

Conventional diets in the higher caloric range are unfortunately not very effective.

This can be anticipated by pathophysiological involvement. As the weight goes down, so does the basal metabolic figure. Therefore, for many individuals, metabolic utilization often drops to a level close to that of diet. The energy deficit is so small that the weight loss is very slow for many people: between 0.3 and 0.4 kg per week.

Do you think VLCD (very low calorie diet) can really help you lose weight?

Always remember: To go thought an effective weight loss diet plan, it is indispensable to have a deficient energy balance (at least during the period of weight loss).

This deficit is generally obtained with a restrictive feed whose caloric content can vary from 300 to 1300 kcal.


It is called a very low-calorie diet (VLCD) any food whose energy content is between 0 and 600 kcal / 24 h. This definition applies especially to those commercial preparations that fulfill 3 conditions:

  • Contain less than 600 kcal / d.
  • Constitute the patient’s exclusive diet for a consecutive week or more.
  • Contain high quality proteins, enough carbohydrates to moderate ketosis and save protein and electrolytes.

It is called variety of diet which retains proteins (protein-sparing modified fast: PMSF) a VLCD constituted of traditional foods of lower caloric value of 600 kcal high protein content (minimum: 1.5 g / kg of ideal body weight). It is called a protein diet a VLCD with high protein content and very low content of carbohydrates.

Minimum protein requirements

It is possible to calculate protein turnover based on nitrogen. It is now clear that the protein requirements are less than 50 g / d, particularly if the diet used maintains moderate ketosis. Even if one accepts that there is an average weight loss of, say 0.5 kg / d for men and 0.3 kg / d for women, values ​​commonly seen in practice during the period of fat reduction with the use of VLCD, and then there are proteins available from the catabolism of fat-free mass additional to dietary proteins. However, even if one accepts the protein balance model, that is considered normal (50 kg / d for those with a stable weight), then the protein level in the diet plan provides a substantial margin.

 5 Days Weight Loss Diet Plan 

Weight Loss Diet Plan


 Weight Loss Diet PlanWeight Loss Diet Plan

Weight Loss Diet Plan

Weight Loss Diet Plan

Weight Loss Diet Plan

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