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The warmth of the wood and the functionality of the ceramic stoneware come together in Par-Ker de Porcelanosa

The warmth of the wood and the functionality of the ceramic stoneware come together in Par-Ker de Porcelanosa

Probably you have seen it on some occasion wearing the floor of a kitchen, a bathroom, or a busy area. And surely, you have asked yourself how it is possible that they have installed wood in spaces where it is difficult to maintain it. The answer is that it is very possible that it was not wood, but that it was PAR-KER ceramic parquet with wood effect .

This Porcelanosa ceramic stoneware is without a doubt the perfect solution for all those who look for the unparalleled warmth that wood brings to any space, but neither do you want to give up the comfort and resistance of porcelain stoneware.

Resistance, durability and ease of cleaning, Par-Ker keys

Par Ker Forest Steel 22x90 14 3x90 Porelanosa

Particularly, I love the tonalities and textures achieved to create comfortable environments simulating wood, and with many less complications following the #MyParkerLife philosophy.

A philosophy that represents the commitment of this Valencian company to develop high ceramic technology for real projects combining aesthetics and functionality . Because in the end, what we are looking for is that our day to day is easier.


And that is the main attraction of Par-ker, a porcelain tile that reproduces wood faithfully and that has numerous advantages over other options. From its resistance to wear (which makes it ideal for bathrooms, kitchens or corridors), its inalterability against the passage of time or the effect of sunlight (an important aspect to avoid changes in the original color that does it happens in wood, and that they make it ideal for both interiors and outdoors).

In addition, this type of porcelain does not need maintenance, does not slip (we could check it in our last visit to Vila-Real) and it is resistant to fire and high temperatures, so it allows radiant floor heating. Advantages that have supposed a great revolution in the subject of pavements, and that suppose without a doubt an improvement of the comfort for the users that bet by these materials.

Pavement Porcelanosa Delaware Teka 02

Of all the Parker porcelain tiles, one of my favorites without sweats is the Delaware collection . A collection that was presented in the last edition of Cersaie 2017 composed of five models inspired by oak, beech and maple wood that reproduce a different plot in each of them, which allows a unique natural effect, with very realistic textures and colors and without reflections that will make your visitors doubt if the pavement is natural wood or if it is a porcelain floor.

Par Ker Delaware Walnut Porcelanosa

And if for the home one of my favorite collections is the Delaware, in the Contract field , maybe I’ll pull more for the Forest collection . A porcelain stoneware that reproduces meticulously the details of the wood, and also has been made with a 95% recycled composition to minimize the environmental footprint, so it becomes a great option to include in sustainable projects .

Par Ker Forest Arce Porcelanosa

Like the rest of Par-ker collections, the Forest series has a high resistance, so it can be seen in large areas, commercial premises, health or education centers, airports or institutional buildings.

Spaces in which there is a transit of important people and it is necessary to install resistant floors with minimal maintenance, being able to opt for shades ranging from the most luminous and relaxing aspect of the Natural Forest to the more elegant and sober tone of the Forest Steel.

Par Ker Forest Porelanosa Steel

Irresistible floors that are difficult to detect if they are parquet or porcelain stoneware thanks to some finishes and some textures that imitate wood in an incredible way, right?

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