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Vivo Challenges Xiaomi With Its Super Flashcharge 120W Technology

Vivo Challenges Xiaomi With Its Super Flashcharge 120W Technology

Until now we were calling fast charge to be able to complete the battery of our mobiles in a short time, in about an hour in the best cases. However, mobile manufacturers already have the technology to shorten these times considerably. This is the case of Xiaomi, who last March showed us his 100W system to complete a full charge of 4,000 mAh in 17 minutes. Times similar to those that Samsung could offer with its SE8A and MM101 PD controllers.

But now these encryptions have been overcome by the new technology of rapid charging announced by Vivo, a Chinese manufacturer that belongs to the same group as Oppo or OnePlus. As announced by its social networks, Vivo’s new Super FlashCharge technology arrives with 120W and will be able, as they promise, to charge a 4,000 mAh mobile in just 13 minutes. It would thus become the fastest fast charge in the market at the time it is available.

Doubling the power of current fast charging systems

It is not the first fast-charging technology that shows us Vivo. Previously with the IQOO, his mobile gaming, we already had a fast charge of 44W, capable of completing the battery in 45 minutes. But this new fast charge goes further.

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What has been announced is that the Super FlashCharge technology will arrive with 120 watts. The number of volts and amps is unknown, but it is expected to be 24V and 5A. We are talking about a very high amount, higher than the 32 watts of Qualcomm Quick Charge 5.0 and even above the limit of 100 watts that marks the USB Power Delivery standard.

If we compare it with other fast charging technologies, we see that Vivo doubles the power of most of the current ones. We will have to see if the charger can withstand the heat generated by this system and to what extent the other brands do not put the batteries.

Vivo Challenges Xiaomi With Its Super Flashcharge 120W Technology


This technology has not yet been fully shown so we do not have evidence of the 13 minutes. Although, they have dropped a video where you can see a mobile that goes from having 10% to almost 13% battery in an instant. In concrete 2.38% in only 14 seconds. Surprising how the percentage rises, although we bear in mind that the first phases of the load are always faster.

It does not seem that we are facing a technology for which we have to wait a lot since it will be completely shown next week during the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai with its 5G device. Although, it is possible that until the second half of the year is not available to test it in a commercial device. Be that as it may, rapid charging technology is advancing so fast, good news. We will have to see how it impacts our usage habits and if the battery life is not affected too much.

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