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How to use any Internet GIF in your Instagram Stories

The Instagram Stories have undoubtedly become one of the most striking parts of the social network, even though it is a relatively brazen copy of Snapchat, they have already reached 400 million users a day and continue to grow and add features.

One of the funniest features of the stories are the animated GIFs that you can add to your photos or videos, for that you have to look for the GIF button inside the same app and you can search from a Giphy library of compatible GIFs. But it is possible to use any GIF on the web, both from iOS and from Android with a little “trick”.

You need to install the Google keyboard (Gboard)

Gboard is available for both iOS and Android for free. Its installation is the simplest, and in many Android phones it is even the default keyboard. The process is a bit different between iOS and Android, but it is still simple.

On Android

  • Open Instagram and select the option to start creating a Story.
  • Choose the type of story, add your photo or video, or text.
  • If it’s text, first you need to write something, anything and then press the button to continue or you can not add the GIF
  • Click on the icon with the Google logo on your keyboard and select GIF in the options
  • Search the GIF using the keywords you want and touch to insert it
  • You can repeat the process until you get tired

In iOS

Video insertado

Pro tips for Instagram Stories

  • Start the Instagram Story
  • Choose the “text” option
  • Switch to the Gboard keyboard
  • Search for a GIF or image
  • Select the GIF to automatically copy it to the clipboard
  • Press a little while in the text field within the story and select Paste

In iOS it also works if you copy a GIF from the normal Google search and not from the keyboard. In addition, it also works with alternative keyboards such as Giphy or Swiftkey. On the other hand, in Android it is essential to have Gboard.

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