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How to use the controller of your PlayStation 4 in Windows 10

How to use the controller of your PlayStation 4 in Windows 10

If you have a video game console at home you do not need to buy a remote control when you want to play on your Windows computer, because having a PlayStation 4 controller you will be able to use it on your PC too.

Today we are going to explain to you how you have to configure it to be able to use it. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as connecting and using, so we’re going to give you two methods to do it. The first is only for Steam, and the second to be able to have it configured to use it with any other program or game.

Windows 10 automatically recognizes the command

Usb Ps4

The first thing you have to do is connect the remote to your computer. You can do it with a USB cable. When you connect the command to the computer, the sound of Windows will sound, warning you that you have just connected a new device.


When it sounds, a notification like this will appear in which you are informed that you have connected a new remote and that Windows is going to configure it . If you wait a little you will see another notification appear informing you that the device has already been configured, and if you click on it, it will take you to the device configuration screen.

Wireless Config

On this screen, if everything went well you will see that a new device called Wireless Controller has appeared. The positive part is that you already have it connected, and the negative is that it is a default configuration, since Windows 10 does not recognize the PlayStation 4 control as such, and its buttons will not be well mapped.

Set up your PS4 controller on Steam

Big Picture Mode

Fortunately, Steam compensates for Windows lacks by being perfectly compatible with the control of your PlayStation 4 natively. In this way, although the command is not mapped itself in Windows, you can configure it correctly in Steam. To do so, you have to open Steam and go to the Steam Big Picture interface by clicking on the command icon in the upper right corner.


Once in Steam’s Big Picture mode, now you have to go into the settings section . You will find the Settings icon in the upper right part of the screen, it has the shape of a cogwheel.

Command Settings

Within the Steam settings, now you have to click on the option Settings of the command . If you do not see it in the same menu, look it up in the Command section .

Control Configuration Ps4

Within these command settings you will see that you can choose several options, most of them designed to configure a specific command. All you have to do now is activate the PS4 command configuration box . Steam will recognize your command as what it is, and you will already have it mapped automatically.

Controller Registration

Now you will see a Driver Registration option that will allow you to register the command in your Steam account so that you can use it on the computer that uses it, always have the same configuration. Click Register in this account to activate the option.

Customize Command

And as you do, the last step will be to customize your command . You can give it a specific name to differentiate it from the others, activate or deactivate the vibration, and configure the color, brightness and saturation of the light characteristic of the PlayStation 4 control. Once you have everything to your liking press Send and ready , you can use it in any game.

Set up your PS4 controller with DS4Windows

Download Now

But if you have games on other platforms that are not Steam you also have an alternative. This is DS4 Windows , an application with which to automatically install the drivers needed by Windows to configure your command correctly. Go to your website and click on the Download Now button to go to the downloads section.


It will take you to the GitHub page of the project, where you will have to click on the option DS4Windows.zip to start the download. Unzip the file and double click on the DS4Windows.exe file that you will get to run the application.


Before entering the application for the first time it will tell you where you want to save the profiles you create for your command. If you press Program Folder they will be saved in the same folder where your application is, perfect if you want to create a laptop that you can carry in a USB, and with Appdata it will be saved in the internal Windows files. Choose the one you prefer.

Configure Drivers

You will see two windows, one controllers in white and one with a photo of a controller and two steps to follow. Click on Step 1 to install the drivers of the command, at which time you will see a dialog window like the one in which you have to press Install . If you have a computer with Windows 7 or earlier versions of the operating system, you will have to click on Step 2 to install additional drivers. Once finished, click on Finish at the bottom of the screen.


It is possible that you have to wait a few minutes or even restart to complete the process, but the next time you start the application you will only open the Controllers screen , and in it you should see the command with its MAC address and the status of the battery. On the right you will also see a pull-down tab with command profiles, and an Edit button to edit them.

Ds4 Config

The drivers of the command are already configured and you can use it whenever you want. But if you click on Edit you can edit the profile by adjusting each and every one of the parameters of the command , from the color to the vibration passing through the low battery warnings. These are pretty advanced settings, so touch them only if you know what you’re doing.

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