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Update the car-parking sensors. Buying guide and featured models

Update the car: parking sensors. Buying guide and featured models

Although the old and ugly habit of parking to the touch seems to have passed to a better life with modern cars and the technology they integrate, the reality is that there are still many drivers who scratch your car – or worse, the one next door – when parking .

It is not easy: small seats, limited maneuverability, limited space vision and blind spots ensure that parking is a matter of patience and expertise. Fortunately, it has an easy solution: parking sensors . Next, a review of what types of parking sensors can be found in the market and how to determine what we need.

These parking sensor kits, together with the reversing cameras or bluetooth receivers are a good option to update an old car because they are easy to install, they are generic and we can also find them in a wide range of prices.

Types of parking sensors

In the market we can find different types of parking sensors, so before purchasing one we must analyze the possibilities that exist.

With cables or wireless?

The parking sensors with cable are the traditional ones and they are also the cheapest and most abundant on the market . The installation can be more complicated, taking into account that it is required to pull the cable from the bumpers – where these sensors are mounted – to the dashboard.

Another option is wireless. They are more modern and expensive , and are recommended especially for large vehicles such as trucks. The installation is much simpler, although they are always subject to more interference and still need a power outlet.

By technology: Ultrasonic or electromagnetic?

Parking sensors can use two types of technology to measure distance to nearby objects, ultrasound or electromagnetism.

Ultrasound parking sensors are the oldest and usually integrate 4 to 6 sensors located along the bumper. It will be necessary to drill it to integrate them inside. It is a fairly common and consolidated technology in everyday electronics. Its operation is similar to that of the control of the TV or the garage,: it launches a wave that bounces with the objects that are in its path, returning to the source, which calculates the distance from the time required to go and return.

If you want to install a sensor system without making holes , the ideal alternative are those that use electromagnetism. That yes, they are quite more expensive and as it happens with the compasses – whose mechanism is based on the magnetism of the Earth -, they can fail in their measurements if they are close to objects made with ferromagnetic elements, such as Iron, cobalt or nickel.

Parking sensors: factors to consider


The simplicity of installation is a point to consider. Although you can always go to the technical service to install it, the reality is that many of these kits incorporate detailed manuals and instructions on the Internet to do it yourself .

Easy to use

In addition to being easy to install, it should also be easy to use, meaning that notices should be clear, quick and intuitive . Also, its maintenance should be the minimum possible.


We are talking about a system that due to its location is susceptible to suffer many blows. After all, you may have a parking sensor system, but not your neighbor. A parking sensor kit should be shock-resistant and waterproof , as it will be out in the open.

Number of sensors

One aspect to evaluate is the number of sensors that the kit integrates. The more sensors you have, the better you can detect the entire area . Maybe avoiding a wall is very easy, but a street lamp is more difficult because of its size.

Indicators: screens, visual, sound

In some parking system kits comes an LCD or LED screen, a tool that allows us to visually check what is behind the vehicles. However, others have warnings in the form of sound or visual indicators , using a fairly intuitive lighting system similar to a traffic light.


Distance indicator

In addition, some kits integrate a small display with the distance in meters that is missing so that the bumper hits the object. At the moment of truth, it is not so important to know the distance that is needed to collide but the visual or sound indicator is warning us of the proximity.

Detection distance

The detection distance is the range of distances in which the system operates . In general, manufacturers usually specify both the maximum detection distance and the minimum. Thus, at most, parking sensors detect objects located at a distance of 1.5 meters, while others reach 2 meters or even farther.

In terms of proximity, the minimum detection distance is usually 0.3 meters . In any case, more than this range of distances, the important thing is that they are accurate by measuring them.


Generally these parking sensors are usually universal for utility vehicles , however some may not be compatible with long vehicles, such as vans or trucks – especially if we buy a kit with cables -. Therefore, we must read carefully the specifications

What model of parking sensors to buy

The most common in the market is to find wired kits given the simplicity of its assembly and the efficiency of its operation.

Of course, the price will vary depending on the indicators, being those with buzzer the most affordable and those that integrate camera and screen the most expensive. In most kits, it will be possible to buy the same parking system with the only variation of the warning system.

Acoustic Car Rover Kit

According to the manufacturer:

The kit contains 4 sensors, buzzer, wiring
Minimum detection distance Not specified
Sensor technology Ultrasound
Wireless? With cables. Power 12 V DC
Indicator Acoustic (Bip-beep)
Price 15.99 euros

According to the manufacturer, the Car Rover parking kit is easy to install. It has an acoustic warning that bites intermittently increasing its frequency as we approach the obstacle.

The kit is resistant to water and ice. Available in various colors. Its price is 1, 5.99 euros .

Car Rover Visual

A kit with the same sensor system but with a visual warning is priced at 18.99 euros .


The kit includes Wiring, sensor, buzzer, adhesives, manual
Minimum detection distance Not specified
Sensor technology Electromagnetism
Wireless? With cable. Power 12 V DC
Indicator Acoustic
Price 55.60 euros

The Sumex PRKTMAG parking system is simple and easy to install, as it does not require holes : simply attach the magnetic strip to the bumper.

According to the manufacturer, the sensors cover the distance of approximately 0.7 m. When you approach an obstacle, the system will start beeping. The less space there is, the faster the warning will sound.

Beware, when using electromagnetism, this system will not work properly in vehicles with metal bumpers . Its price is 55.60 euros .

Parking kit STEELMATE

The kit includes 4 sensors, wiring, indicator
Minimum detection distance Not specified
Sensor technology Ultrasound
Wireless? With cable. Power 12 V DC
Indicator Crymatic in ultra-thin LED display
Price 59.90 euros

According to the manufacturer, the STEELMATE parking sensor system features anti-fake alert technology, easy-to-mount waterproof sensors and Auto Mute function , which lowers the volume of the audio when the reverse gear is activated. Its price is 59.90 euros .

Steelmate X2

A kit with identical technology of the same brand, but extended to the front area with 8 sensors and two indicators costs 149.90 euros .

Valeo Kit 632001

Data provided by the manufacturer:

VALEO 632001 Valeo
The kit contains 4 rear sensors, wiring and visual indicator
Minimum detection distance 30 centimeters
Sensor technology Ultrasound
Wireless? With cable. Power 12 V DC
Indicator Visual with distance
Price 81.40 euros

The Valeo 632001 kit helps to park indicating the presence of obstacles behind the vehicle through a progressive chromatic signal . The price of the kit is 81.40 euros with visual and distance indicator.

The best thing about this kit is that the parts can be purchased separately in case of breakdown or if you want to expand the parking system. Thus, the sensors cost 13.56 euros each with capsule and cable, the individual capsule has a price of 6.06 euros and the indicator, for 26.26 euros .

Valeo Buzzer

Another alternative is to acquire the same sensor kit but with acoustic indicator , for a price of 53.89 euros .

Also, you can buy a more complete kit with parking sensor system with front and rear detection for 129.95 euros .

Valeo Kit VAL092060

VALEO VAL092060 Valeo Screen
The kit contains 4 sensors, camera and monitor
Sensor technology Ultrasound
Minimum detection distance 30 cm
Wireless? With cable. Power 12 V DC
Indicator Visual by recording system
Price 225.66 euros

The Valeo parking sensor system VAL092060 is identical to the Valeo 632001 except that it has a camera that has to be embedded in the rear area and that will act together with the sensors, monitoring what is behind. The back will be visible through a high resolution color TFT LCD monitor with 16: 9 ratio.

The kit is waterproof and has a silent function for the radio . Its price is 225.66 euros

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