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How to Unlock and Recover Your Data from Blocked Android Devices

How to unlock an android device if you forget the password

One of the worst episodes that can happen to us with the mobile, besides losing it , is to forget the unlock pattern, the password or the Android PIN . But everything in this life has a solution and here we will try to show you some options if this has unfortunately been your case.

Before proceeding we must remember that there is no infallible method for a situation as complex as the loss of your password. If there is an easy and random solution, any thief could pick up our cell phone and unlock it and that is not exactly the case.

Over the years security and patrons are becoming more secure and difficult to skip by outsiders, but are also increasingly smart and the various technology companies offer us tools to access and unlock our mobile if we show them that we really are the legitimate owners of the device.

Android Device Manager

If you tried to put the unlock pattern several times and you do not remember the most effective method to unlock the mobile is with Android Device Manager . All official Android phones are associated with a Google account and thanks to this official tool we can from our computer locator, block or delete the device. But also create a new password and unlock it.

How to Unlock and Recover Your Data from Android Devices

To do so we must visit the web google.com/android/device manager > enter our Google data> select the blocked device> press Block> set a new password.

Now from the blocked mobile we can unlock it with this new password that we have established. The next step is to go to Settings and configure the locking system again.

Find my Samsung device and other tools

In addition to the generic methods, depending on the mobile that we have we can access specific solutions that each manufacturer provides for their mobile.

How to Unlock and Recover Your Data from Android Devices

The most popular case is Samsung’s “Find My Mobile” service . We are facing a powerful suite that will allow us to control the Samsung remotely and among many other options unlock the device while we have configured the Samsung official account. In the end it is advisable that whenever we have a mobile of a brand we try to be registered in their services as well so their products can be useful when we need them.

Another manufacturer with a similar product is Sony and the old PCCompanion , now MyXperia . Whether Windows or Mac can install a program on our computer to unlock the device we had previously advised the brand that was ours.

In fact, in almost all mobile manufacturers we have at our disposal an official support website and we can find the option to ask them to unlock the device . Although in these cases the brand can ask us for specific information or even the invoice to do it.

Recover your password with Gmail

Main method of those Android phones with several years behind. When we incorrectly enter the pattern five times we will have the option “Forgot your password”. It is here that if we have activated the WiFi or the data we can enter our mail and its password of mail to unlock the device.

How to Unlock and Recover Your Data from Android Devices

If we have also forgotten the Gmail account we have another problem, but sometimes we can recover this from the computer. If the failure is that we do not have the WiFi enabled we can try it with the ADB method that we will leave below or trying to open some application associated to the lock screen that activates the WiFi automatically, such as LG SmartShare.

SmartLock and Google Solutions

The methods of blocking Android are becoming more numerous and we must remember that with only one of them we can access the mobile . If we have forgotten the PIN, maybe we have the fingerprint configured. If we do not have the pattern, we may have activated face or proximity unlocking. Or maybe we have a bluetooth bracelet that will help us to unlock it. Surely not the case, but it is always okay to check it and above all to configure the Android Smart Lock if you do not have this problem yet.

Android allows us to unlock the mobile with multiple methods from Settings> Security> Screen Lock : Sliding, pattern, PIN, password, NFC trusted agents, bluetooth, trusted sites, face or voice.

Since the upgrade to Play Services 7.5 we also have the option of Smart Lock Passwords , a Google manager that stores security information to access specific applications. Perhaps one of those passwords may be the solution. And another novelty that maybe worth knowing is that since Android 8.0 Oreo has been facilitated the automation of certain applications to skip the blockage if some requirements are met.

Safe Mode for Disabling Third-Party Locks

There is a fairly simple solution but it will only work if the blocking is done in third party blocking applications and not with the system blocking . We talked about the so-called “safe mode”, a method to start the mobile with downloaded apps disabled.

To access this mode securely the way is different depending on the mobile, but usually is to keep the shutdown button pressed, then a window with shut down appears but we keep holding until the warning comes out. We accept it to restart in safe mode.

Once there what we have to do is either reset the mobile or directly uninstall the lock application that would not let us enter the mobile .

Removes the locking system with ADB

This is surely the most complicated method and only suitable for those users who are accustomed to working with ADB commands. The prerequisite is that we have the options of USB debugging activated, otherwise it cannot continue.

How to Unlock and Recover Your Data from Android Devices

If so, you have to connect the mobile to the computer via USB cable. Enter the ADB directory and from the terminal execute the following command:

“adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key”

Then restart the device and the lock system should have disappeared. Another equivalent option would be:

adb shell

cd /data/data/com.android.providers.settings/databases

sqlite3 settings.db

update system set value = 0 where name = ‘lock pattern autolock’;

update system set value = 0 where name = ‘lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently’;


It is important to note that these ADB commands will work in case the debugging is activated and the computer is authorized to work with the device , because otherwise the ADB will not connect when not having the permissions.

Another similar option is to install in the SD memory of the device a Pattern Password Disable file as developed in XDA. This is a ZIP that we should flash on the blocked mobile to leave the pattern cash, as any combination will serve us. Here every smartphone is a story and we cannot make sure it works at all. We also link the file to devices with old MediaTek chips.

The definitive solution: reset the mobile

If there is a method that is sure to work is to perform a hard reset on Android and reset it to its factory values . It has a significant disadvantage and is that if we do this method we will delete all the data of the device except those saved in the microSD card.

Here it is evident the importance of backing up or having our information in the cloud , since even if we have to reset the mobile phone we will not lose our important data.

To do this we normally hold down the volume up button and the power on / off . This brings us to recovery and from there will appear the options to erase the data and format.

“wipe data / factory reset”

Bonus: avoid miracle solutions

We hope that if you have lost or forgotten the pattern of unlocking or the PIN of your mobile you can recover it with one of the solutions that we have named here. We remind you again of the importance of backing up, being informed of the various methods of blocking and having the security options of Google or the manufacturer of the mobile activated.

How to Unlock and Recover Your Data from Android Devices

Mind you, in these moments of uncertainty there are many methods that can cause a malfunction in our device. Other miraculous methods no longer work for a long time , like making a call, picking it up and going back to skip the blocking method. If your device is old you can try it, but Android has advanced enough in security so that there are such simple methods.

Also warn of the existence of methods of payment that promise to recover our device and whose reliability is at stake. There is no doctor who has a cure for all the problems of this world. For everything else, a lot of patience in regaining access to your Android.

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