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Unbelievably Simple Tricks From the Painters in Longmont

If you want to save and paint your home alone, you need to have as much information as possible about the process so that everything goes great. The painters from Longmont tell you what the steps to follow are.

Choosing the color

You probably have the impression that this step is the easiest, but for most, it is the most difficult one. The reason is easy to understand: you must be delighted with the final look for years – not visually diminish the space, fit the style of the house, make you happy when looking at the walls. The choice is all the harder as there are dozens of shades you can use, and the differences between them seem insignificant at first glance. However, when you paint a whole wall, you can conclude that you have not made the right decision.

How do you choose the color?

A simple trick is to take as a model a carpet that you want to use in the room, a painting or a landscape of nature. In this way, you will choose colors that match each other. You should also consider the furniture you have in your home – for example, a brown sofa could look good on a dark green background, but a purple will not fit. You should also decide if you want to use more colors, specific effects, but also the final appearance (matte, satin, glossy, etc.).

How much paint do you need?

  • Measures the length and height of each wall.
  • Gather the lengths.
  • Multiply the result of the assembly with the height.
  • This results in the window and door occupancy.

It is always recommended to buy a little more paint than you need to make sure you have enough.

Prepare to paint

The first thing you have to do is cover the surfaces you do not want to be painted, such as the door frame and the windows. Remove the old paintwork, then repair any cracks in the wall and grind the areas where you have improved. Then apply the primer, which fixes the paint to the wall. Next, paint first the ceiling, then go to the walls.


Thin layer vs. thick layer

One of the biggest mistakes made by those who paint their home alone is to put too much paint on the wall. It is much more useful to apply more thin layers to adequately cover the walls and make the final look as perfect as possible.

Wall Colors in Trends in 2018

You want to paint, but have not you decided what color to have the walls? Let yourself be inspired by the trends of this year, suited for all styles and tastes! Black has returned. Black is a stylish and daring color that will never derail. It is versatile and allows you to decorate the rest of the room as you like, and can be used regardless of the home style. Read more about the black walls here.

Beautiful walls of the fruit of the forest

Raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, currants – all these fruits have bold colors, especially suitable for the living room or kitchen. They are particularly suited for people with a strong personality, but also for those who want a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Shades of blue and green

Slightly more sophisticated than pastel variants, but equally soothing and soothing, these nuances evoke nature. We recommend them especially in the bedroom, but they also fit well in the living room or kitchen.

Gray balanced

At first glance, it may seem trivial and boring, but in reality, it is a fair, very versatile shade that will allow you to choose furniture and decorations in any color.

A useful reference: https://www.thespruce.com/rules-for-better-interior-painting-1822836

House and Garden Advice: Although it’s good to keep up with the decoration trends, the final decision belongs only to you. They do not choose a color just because fashion, as it changes every year. Choose the right shade for your personality and house style, one you surely know you will like over 5 or 10 years.

Careful! Protect the floor and the furniture from the room with paint film, cover the windows to avoid dirt during the works. After finishing the work, you will enjoy an intimate atmosphere with a pleasant, clean appearance. If you add a touch of pride to your work, the atmosphere will be totally electrifying.


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