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Ultimate DIY Back To School Hacks and Ideas

Make Your School Comeback Joyful and Interesting Through These Simple DIY Tips

The tough summers had us all see the dog day afternoons. However, we have had our fair share of enjoyment through hiking, trekking and poolside BBQ parties. With the splashing sun, sea and sausages, we all had a great time, but now the countdown has started and we should better prepare ourselves to attend school and start our studies again. Here are some of the best DIY back to school ideas to make this return a remarkable and interesting one.

We have designed a wonderful list of DIY back to school tips, which will help you start your school fresh. From clothing to school supplies, stationary, lunch boxes and even schoolbags, our after-summer break, school joining ideas are full of fun and colors.

DIY Redesign Your Notebooks

We all know it’s very hard to make those heavy books attractive, but we can at least try to make them much beautiful and colorful. Decorating your own note-books is fun and helps you show them off to your class-fellows.

You can redesign covers of your notebooks using a patterned duct tape. You’ve to create a wave-effect on the cover and that’s it! You can also use solid colors to make borders and edges, it will add up to the wave-effect and give it an amazing look.

Download some colorful cartoon characters from the internet and print them out. Now you have a verity of colorful cartoons to decorate your books. Don’t forget to cover them with a transparent plastic sheet. Printable labels are also a good option; you can find them easily on the internet.

Using poster paints can add up more even colors. They also help you explore your creative aesthetics.  You can make random patterns on the cover of the notebooks, they always look colorful. This practice can keep your creative intellect busy and sharp.

diy back to school - decorate your notebook

Source: WikiHow

DIY Denim Hacks

Clothing is another way you can add some DIY interest and innovation to your back to school wardrobe.  These DIY back to school denim hacks can help you save money and time.  Furthermore, you can have the liberty to create your custom designed clothing and enjoy wearing it.

Adding cartoon stickers can make these denim jeans look more colorful and attractive. You can also use bleach to fade the color from your thighs or knees. Making cutoffs on knees of an old jean can add up to the style and also be a cool addition to your wardrobe.

Bleach and stickers can add up a new life to your jeans. If you have a dark colored jean, cut it off and make it short. Now use bleach to make different patterns on it. Stitching the stickers on the back pockets is also fun.

diy back to school denim hacks

Source: Cosmopolitan

Backpack and Spray Paints

Our next DIY back to school hack is to deal with your old backpack. We all have a backpack, which turns unattractive with the passage to time. We don’t want you to hang around in a backpack reminding you of your old-self! You can add some colors to it by randomly spraying the paints. It will add a colorful new abstract look to the bag. Using the same technique, you can also add new colors to your pencil pouches and lunch boxes.

You can also use the same colors and a strap tape to decorate your notebook covers. All you have to do is to make some random patterns on the cover and then spray the notebook with randomly colored spray paint. Now remove the strap tapes and here you go with a colorful notebook cover.

diy back to school backpack

Source: I Love To Create

DIY Back to School – Fabric Book Covers

We all have books, and sometimes it gets really hard to keep them in one piece. Covering them with colorful papers and cartoons stickers can add up some beauty to their looks but it’s not a long-lasting solution. We all have spare fabrics and old clothing at our home. All you need is a bottle of glue and wrap all the books with the funky old fabrics you have. They look attractive and colorful and yet they last for years. It’s very easy and saves you a lot of money in terms of covering the books and buying new one’s if they are damaged.


Source: Geek Dad

Fancy clipboards

Fancy clipboards are very expensive and we cannot afford to buy a new one every other day. We write, we play and we use them even for playing in the classroom. Now you are going back to school and you are worried if you should buy a new clipboard or not. Remember one thing we always have plenty of stuff at home, which we can use to DIY our way and create new things. For DIY back to school clipboards, you can use the same unwanted fabrics or you can paint them with colorful spray paints. Covering them up with fancy fabric is much more effective, as it saves money and the clipboard may last much longer than a usual one.


Source: Lovely Indeed

Colorful Sticky Notebook or Planner

Going back to school and organizing the routines is one big task for every student. You can make this interesting for yourself through our DIY back to school hacks. A colorful planner or sticky note-book can add more charm to our daily routine. All you need is an ordinary notebook and sticky notes with different colors. It’s very simple to make, just add a date on every sticky note and your colorful planner is ready. Through this, you can create different sections in your notebooks with respect to subject or anything of your liking.

Source: One Good Thing by Jilee


Guys, these were a few DIY back to school hacks that would definitely add color and life to the restart of your school going routine. Do try them all and let us know how they turned out for you.

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Happy Restart of School!


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