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Types of windows to make your home more warm, cozy and energy-saving

Types of windows to make your home more warm, cozy and energy-saving

The windows, the great unknown for their materials and their color. Today we make an incursion in the world of the enclosure and the hermetizadoinforming on the possibilities and characteristics that nowadays we can find in the market . All homes need a certain type in their enclosures and windows are a fundamental part to control light, cold, heat, noise and safe isolation. This quick informative guide will help you decide which is the most appropriate window for your home and city .

Types of carpentry

There are three types: PVC, aluminum and wood. The first thing we must check if there is any regulation in this area to choose one material or another . There are municipalities in which by law the installation must have certain characteristics, for example, rustic type, in this case they are installed with wood finish.

Wooden windows : it is a colorful material that can be painted, or left in its hue treated with colorless tints. This material is a perfect insulator although, as a disadvantage, it is maintained due to deterioration in the weather .

PVC windows : They have a wide range of colors to choose from, their maintenance is almost nil , of the three materials PVC is the best acoustic insulation. As a disadvantage, the material itself , in the face of the environment, we know is a great pollutant, both in its manufacture and in its exposure to the environment.

Aluminum windows : The aluminum material is the biggest conductor and the worst insulation , very resistant to temperature change, its maintenance is minimal. For large windows, aluminum is more aesthetic than PVC material. As disadvantages, we can say that it is a material that sweats in winter and produces condensation in its interior profiles .


The isolation

When it is decided to change the current windows or choose for new projects, the first thing we think about is isolation. Annoying exterior noise, fumes from nearby premises, pollution, dust, air and the stress of low daily soundproofing .

According to the geographical area in which you reside the CTE (Technical building code), warns us about the thermal coefficient that must be met by the insulation of a window. If the place where you reside is very cold you will have to give the necessary importance to the isolation of it.

Number of cameras : The normal is one, in very cold places they can be manufactured with up to three cameras and if they are extremely cold inside these cameras instead of air, dry airs are introduced as potential insulators .


Choice of glazing

Glasses : Of four types leaving behind the normal.

These are divided into: Low emissives let the temperature pass partially, the selective ones avoid the passage of the temperatures they are a mixture between the low emissive ones and those of solar control. The solar control models again project the temperature to the outside, they are ideal for areas where we intend to reduce energy consumption . Finally, you will find the security ones made with several imperceptible plastic layers arranged between each glass plate, which gives them great resistance.

The massive transmittance of holes

It is the thermal capacity that the windows must have. We show you a clear example of what in our peninsula is needed according to the zones.

Climaticorect map

Openings for all tastes

We all like the large windows through which renovated air and access to the outside. The reality is more complex, not all the windows are the same in the same house in opening, for the aesthetic circumstances. We numbered the existing types in the market and some of their different compositions for you to inspire, bearing in mind that it is an important investment that is not made every day.


Tilt- and- turn opening with a traditional structure practicable its difference consists of the upper opening if desired. Customers who use these types of windows end up very pleased with them. Disadvantages: occupy more space to be open practically .

Sliding opening They do not occupy any space, they are collected among them, their operation is worse in acoustics and thermal guarantee.


The ideal height from the floor to the window is 1.30 meters with a radius of 80 centimeters in diameter for cleaning its surface. An aluminum window can be mixed, aluminum with wood, normal.

The windows are elements of the home that should last for years, so all these premises serve as advice before throwing ourselves into any window and ending, the consequences will come later. To have a warm and cozy home windows are fundamental and this guide can be very useful as initial advice

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