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Do it yourself-turn a table into a blackboard to make the return to school more fun, step by step

Do it yourself: turn a table into a blackboard to make the return to school more fun, step by step

As all the back to school has its pros and cons, we have to get up early and return to the routine of classes and homework, but it is also the time to undertake new projects and implement some DIY as happy as this that makes Something fun to return to the classroom , also express your creativity and customize your room.

In this case the Acrylic Piling Bruguer Enamel has been used, which serves in this project to turn a table into a blackboard where the youngest of the house can draw, practice writing or make calculations, but can also be used for other crafts that Have the creation of a blackboard on any material as a goal.

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The material needed to successfully complete this DIY is a paint like Bruguer’s Acrylic Slates, a roller, an enamel such as Bruguer’s Lime Green Acrylic Lime, a primer bottle like Bruguer’s Universal Acrylic preparation, a roll of ribbon bodybuilder, a bucket and a medium gram sandpaper.

The first step is to sand the surface to eliminate the imperfections that the table has if it was previously painted or if it retains traces of varnish, paint or enamel.

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Then we have to clean the surface well with a scrubbing pad with soap and water so that there is no traces of grease or other products and avoid problems when painting with a water product.

Then apply a coat of primer over the entire surface with rodillo the roller. Once applied, wait 30 minutes to apply the second layer of the product.  If extra hardness is required, it is advisable to apply a third coat.

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DarTo give a touch of color and contrast to the table, we can paint with the help of a lime green enamel or any other color the four legs. When the paint is completely dry, we will cover with a bodybuilder’s tape the areas that we want to be “colored” of the chosen tone. We will try that the tape is well adhered to the surface to avoid wrinkles or bubbles.

 Next we will apply the slate paint on the entire surface of the table, board and legs, even over the masking tape.

Wall Envejec 3

 Two layers must be applied to cover the base better. Before the paint is completely dry we remove the bodybuilder’s tape so that the green parts can be seen.

Also, in this project, it is important to bear in mind that the product takes 48 hours to dry and harden, so it is advisable to wait for this time before starting to write with the chalk. But in a couple of days we will have the table ready for use and enjoy the smallest of the house and also some of the largest …

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