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This tire pressure sensor informs you through your mobile phone, but for what

This tire pressure sensor informs you through your mobile phone, but … for what?

The world of gadgets and smartphone apps does not stop surprising us every day. Currently there are apps for everything, some really useful and others also totally absurd. The one that we bring you today is halfway between these two worlds, since it is a tire pressure sensor for our car or motorcycle, which informs us through the mobile .

Being able to know the pressure of your tires at a quick glance from your own phone, a priori sounds like a good idea , but we do not think that you will be as interested and enthusiastic about the application as the protagonists of the demonstration video of the invention, who consult it on every step. Let’s see why maybe it’s not such a good idea as it might seem.

The name of the device is Fobo Tire Pressure Sensor and works with Bluetooth connection to send the information collected to your mobile phone, either iOS or Android. The system consists of four sensors that are placed on each of the wheels (screwed up as a plug) and a module installed in the car, which processes and sends the information to the phone application itself . In addition, the manufacturer says that from the application you can monitor up to 19 different cars.

Fobo Tire Pressure Sensor

The first thing we do not like is the price. Maybe before paying $ 99 for the happy sensor, I pass by a workshop or gas station and check “manually” how I have the tire pressure. With a bit of luck, in addition, if I have a modern car, he may even tell me himself through the painting.

Then, anyone leaves the car parked in the street with these striking four-wheel plugs . Surely they last rather little. And if, on the contrary, we assemble and disassemble them every time we want to check the pressures, then the invention will stop making any sense, since it costs you practically the same to make use of a manometer to use.

And finally, a question: do you really need an application to know the pressures? Ok, it is important to maintain the pressures at the levels indicated by the manufacturer, for safety reasons, especially if we are going to undertake a trip, but from there to monitor the pressures at each step, there is a stretch. You have to see how they enjoy the video watching the application!

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