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DIY Somo: DIY Fitness Plan

Tips To Make a Successful DIY Fitness Plan

In terms of training and sports, most people improvise their activities, leaving the results and benefits a bit random. But this way of organizing does not usually lead to satisfactory results, causing the majority to end in abandonment and resignation, and even to think that the sport is not being effective. The most difficult of all this is how to create a DIY fitness plan? Well, the answer is not easy, but I can give you some guidelines to start slowly.

fitness plan


Plan Your Fitness Routine

To solve this big problem, you need to plan your training well. You do not have to start expertly, but you do have to create a minimum forecast of your goals and objectives to achieve. You must also know how you are going to do it. All this will help us to have continuous progression or maintenance of our state of physical form.

fitness plan

Divide well the times and deadlines

You have to take into account the time you have for the activity, the days of the week and the available hours. In addition, you must establish certain periods to achieve goals: in terms of physical activity we can divide them into Macro-cycles (annual season), Micro-cycles (periods ranging from 2 to 8 weeks), Micro-cycles (weekly) and the Training units themselves). Within each, one can establish the different types of training according to the objective. These are the basic means that we will use for its development.

fitness plan

Define objectives

By this, I mean that it is not enough to say “I want to lose weight” or “I want to be stronger”. It is necessary to stay connected to the objective so that it is quantifiable and thus to be able to measure our evolution and if we get to achieve it. Also, the objective must be real. No dream objectives because the only thing they are going to do is demotivate us when we cannot accomplish them. A good example of a clearly defined DIY fitness plan goal would be: Reaching 22% body fat in 5 months. As you can see we have also placed it in a period of time.

fitness plan


Assessment of fitness

We have to be realistic and aware of the basis with which we start. For this one has to apply tests and see the real-time accomplishments that one has achieved through each level.

fitness plan


Do not follow your neighbor’s plan. You will achieve more success if the plan is unique to your characteristics. Create a customized plan for yourself, while keeping in mind all that you can and cannot do.


If you do not believe yourself to be able to plan a good basic training due to your inexperience, it is best that you have the help of a professional. You can organize some of the steps like periodization, but for the more technical topics, you can always count on some instructor or coach of your gym.

fitness plan


Within your DIY fitness plan, you must have certain “weapons” that help you not to lose in bad times and not fall into the routine: varied music, self-prizes for meeting goals, sportswear and any item that will raise you to the top.

fitness plan

Train in a fun way

And finally, you must understand that the most important thing is to go out and play sports to train in a fun way. Do remember that if this whole organization suddenly overwhelms you, start small and give it time.

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Happy Workout!

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