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The three ways to open Safari iPad background links (fast, normal and slow)

The three ways to open Safari iPad background links (fast, normal and slow)

Those of us who use the iPad frequently to work always look for ways to be more productive in order to scratch a few seconds here and there. In my case, one of the most used apps is Safari , where opening links can be too slow . That is, if you do not know the three ways to open them on the iPad. Let’s see what they are.

All the ways to open links in the background on the iPad

Open links Safari or any browser on a computer is quite simple if you want to do it in the background. You right click and select “Open in a new tab”. End. Since iOS does not have a mouse, it needs to operate in a different way.

open tab
Holding down a link until opening it in the background costs too much time, luckily there are a couple of faster ways to do it

Because of this, Apple has more space to propose Safari tricks and has also had to devise several methods to open links in the background. Some more difficult to discover than others. These are three:

  • The slow method : you keep the link pressed with a single finger and wait an eternity for the menu to appear where you select “Open in a new tab”.
  • The normal method : you drag the text with the link to the “+” symbol with which you open new tabs. When doing so, a new one will appear with the content of that link.
  • The quick method : you touch the link with two fingers and boom , a new tab appears with that link. This is the fastest of all.

I admit that I have taken more time than I would have liked to find this last trick. Or, at least, to internalize it . But since I use it in my day to day, my productivity in the iPad and iPad Pro have taken a small leap. And everything that involves greater productivity is welcome.

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