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Three great little safari tricks for Mac that you have to know

Three great little safari tricks for Mac that you have to know

Managing with ease the default browser of the Mac is essential for those who use it every day. Therefore, it never hurts to know some Safari tricks like the ones we have collected below. If you have already taken advantage of the performance tips for Safari as well as the one that avoids you using flash, these X small great tricks will serve you for a much more suitable use to your working rhythm.

Close all Safari for Mac tabs except the current one

Close Pestanas

If you work with many tabs, sometimes there comes a time when you realize that you have all but one . There are three simple ways to close them at once, without having to go one by one:

  • Go to the File menu and keep the option key (⌥) pressed, you will see that the action “Close other tabs” appears.
  • Right click on the tab that you want to keep. An option that says “Close other tabs” will appear, as shown in the screenshot above. Select it and the others will be closed.
  • Keep the Mac option key pressed (⌥) and click on the close button of the tab that you want to keep. Those around you will volatilize.

Recover your closed tabs in Safari

Mac safari tricks

How many times have you closed a Safari tab on the Mac to realize you needed it a few seconds later? It has happened to me more times than I am ashamed to admit, thank goodness there are several ways to recover a tab :

  • The manual way is to go to the menu History> Tabs recently closed. There you will find the ones that you closed recently, select them and they will open again.
  • If you like keyboard shortcuts, this Safari trick will like you as much as it does me. Press upper case + cmd + T and you will recover that tab that you have probably closed with cmd + W.
  • As in iOS , you can hold the + button on the right side of the tabs to see which ones you closed recently . By selecting one you will be able to recover it.

Move quickly between tabs

I recognize that this is the safari trick that I use the least, but that I see quite useful. There are two ways to move quickly between Mac tabs, these are:

  • Move tab to tab by holding cmd + uppercase and use the arrow keys. At each touch of a side arrow you will move to the next tab.
  • Press cmd + 1 and you will be placed on the tab on the far left . With cmd + 9 you will go to the one on the right side.

That is all. With these Safari for Mac tricks you will surely gain speed when working with this browser. The sooner you use them, the sooner you will learn them by heart.

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