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Thirteen ideas to dress the walls of a bland dining room

Thirteen DIY ideas to dress the walls of a bland dining room

If there is no doubt about it, it is the great decorating talent we see on Instagram. That is why we like so much to show you images and to contribute ideas, that sometimes they do not get to be realized by having certain doubts of how it will be. This fall do not give up before the idea of ​​decorating a dining room or an office area, you can enjoy it once you get the result and even make a gastronomic party with friends to open a new space. Today we suggest some great proposals that Instagrammers present and that I can not resist to share.

Abundant vegetation

The vegetation of these environments almost casts on, leafy walls worthy of a cinematographic decoration, wonderful to wrap dining rooms and create different atmospheres, where being comfortable is priceless. You can choose a color from the ones that appear on them to decorate the ceiling and the adjoining walls, thus the perimeter is further defined.

Walls with effect

This season we can finally say that the marble is still alive and has returned with strength to flood homes with the best furniture ideas or led to paper concepts that represent this stone. This is the case of the small dining area that appears in the first image. We imagine that it is integrated in a kitchen and in spite of its large windows, there has been no obstacle that resists the wallpaper with influence on natural stone.

Colorful and art

Striking and enthusiastic, this is how the walls of these dining rooms, coordinated with whites, grays and pastel shades, give a sensational, fresh and vigorous result, the saying goes: for tastes colors and for these dining rooms aesthetic art Who dares to decorate imitating this results? They seem sensational.


The large windows or airtight glass walls are options for interiors, for more inri, the views decorate by themselves. This is the case of this dining room surrounded by nature in which its glazing is combined with black profiles in an original way.

We have now achieved a decoration in which retro pieces are very much appreciated visually placed in contemporary places, dining chairs in green and gold metal together with a lamp of hanging crystals do not clash at all with the abstract painting that presides over the second full dining room of large urban windows.

Decorate with pictures XL

A large painting also has its place in a dining room, behind it was the fashion of large paintings to hang on the sofa or on a medium-height wide furniture and horizontal top board. Versatility has come to invade the dining environments of the smallest house and these inspiring ideas create exclusive spaces.

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Nordic eaters

The Nordic style has not gone to the north of Europe, it is still here giving war, as proof of it these three dining rooms in which clearly the white and gray walls are those that stand out before a harmonious furniture that coexists with the natural wood.

Wallpaper, natural effects, glass and XL paintings, showcases, and Nordic color. Different versions to define ideas and promote a home with the ability to constantly search for attention to detail.

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