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The startup style is imposed in most workspaces

The “startup” style is Imposed in most Workspaces

Dynamism, agility, flexibility, creativity, disruption, leadership, innovation. Startups have all these traits in their DNA, but these are not only achieved thanks to the dynamism of their entrepreneurs, but also that the work space plays a fundamental role when it comes to shaping the behavior of workers.

Steelcase’s Bivi collection arises in this line thanks to the research carried out by Steelcase and Turstone in successful companies and startups, where they have analyzed the behavior of workers in these innovative companies. The result of this research is the modular collection of tables and accessories that brings the dynamism of the startup culture to any work space.


The collection is highly reconfigurable and adaptable to all types of spaces, which encourages agility and well-being by offering users the possibility to choose and control where and how to work. Bivi allows a wide variety of poses: standing, sitting and in living room, thanks to the sofa that has integrated … and provides privacy and ergonomics in the workplace with the use of a simple mechanism.


What makes this collection unique and special is not only its configurable system of tables but also the wide versatility of its accessories and finally it adapts to any work space thanks to its varied color and material options … So if you are thinking about taking advantage of the summer season to give a renewed air to the office you will be interested in taking into account these latest trends.

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