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The science behind the diet dissociated to lose weight, does it really work

The science behind the diet dissociated to lose weight, does it really work?

The dissociated diet is one of the most fashionable diets right now. We can see bloggers, influencers and youtubers following her religiously and on Instagram we find numerous accounts dedicated to her. Moreover, this diet is part of the list of most wanted diets . Therefore, we will analyze it in detail, explain what it is about, how it is done and if there is scientific evidence to support it.

What is dissociated diet

The dissociated diet is a feeding style based on the division of food into three groups, based on their level of hydrates or proteins.

This diet has been attributed to many people, but most specialized pages agree that the creator is Professor Montignac. According to the defenders of this diet, Mr. Montignac based the creation of the diet decoupled in research and scientific facts.

The idea of ​​this diet is to help us lose weight by regulating our diet. To do this they propose not mixing high carbohydrate foods with high protein foods in the same dish. The reason that is alleged is that our digestive system is not prepared to digest the mixture of several types of nutrients. Doing so causes, according to the followers of the dissociated diet, the collapse of the digestive system and the excessive storage of sugar that later becomes fat, making us fat.

How is it done?

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In order to carry out this diet we must know the three categories or types in which they divide the food based on their nutrients: carbohydrates, proteins and neutrals.

  • Carbohydrates: potato, onion, wheat, flour, pasta, cereals, sugar, sweets and, in general, high-carbohydrate products.
  • Protein: some dairy products, chicken, meat, fish and nuts.
  • Neutral: milk, high fat dairy products, oils, vegetables and smoked foods.

But it is not as simple as understanding these three categories and trying not to mix them. Within the three categories, fatty foods are also differentiated or, for example, it is not allowed to mix carbohydrates with each other. Although you can mix each of the categories with neutral foods.

To perform this diet correctly, you can not mix foods in the same dish that are incompatible groups. This means that you can not mix proteins with carbohydrates or proteins with fats. This is the basics and now the mess comes.

The followers of this diet consider that it is important to follow some schedules and to make all the meals, since they consider that each of them has a specific function. They suggest making five meals a day and in each of them there would be one or several groups of foods that you would be especially suitable. The recommended meals are breakfast, which is considered the most important meal of the day, although we already know that nothing is wrong for not eating breakfast, snack at mid-morning, lunch, snack and dinner.

Each group of foods is allowed in one or several of those meals. Thus, fruits, vegetables and carbohydrates are allowed at breakfast. At mid-morning you can eat nuts or fruit, but never mixed. You can also eat carbohydrates. In the food they recommend eating carbohydrates. For the snack, nuts and neutral foods and, finally, in the protein dinner. This is an example of food compatibility tables.

In this diet, although they assure that you can eat everything, there are some prohibited foods. Namely, sugar, alcohol and fried.

Scientific evidence

The million dollar question is, as with all diets, if there is scientific evidence that it works . The followers of the diet assure that yes. The reality is that, at the moment, there is no scientific evidence that this diet works.

One of the bases of this diet is to ensure that our digestive system is not able to digest foods from different groups at the same time. The reality is that our body is more than prepared for that task and that the enzymes work just as well even if the food is mixed.

In addition to this, in studies conducted investigating whether there is more weight and fat loss in this type of diet than in diets that allow combining food – regardless of which group they belong to – they found that the weight loss was similar. Furthermore, although it was not statistically significant, the total fat loss was greater in the balanced diet than in the dissociated diet. So there is no evidence that not combining food helps you lose weight more weight, more efficiently or faster than any other diet.

There is no scientific evidence that not combining food helps to lose more weight

On the other hand, it is not as simple as separating food by categories following a table. Most foods are a combination of different types of nutrients, so in a single food you can find hydrates and proteins at the same time . We would be killing ourselves trying to understand and follow the dietary guidelines for nothing, because in the end we would continue to eat blended nutrients.

It is true that this diet can help you lose weight, but it does so because it prohibits sugar, fried foods and alcohol. We can do the same with any other normal diet or even without diet, trying to maintain healthy eating habits. And we would save ourselves spending hours thinking about what we can eat and what not, what we can mix it with and when we can eat it.

The important thing, once again, is the quality of what we eat and the avoidance of the ultra-processed and not when or with what we eat it. To get started in a healthy lifestyle, we encourage you to follow the challenge and eat real food for a week without any type of ultra-processing .

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