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The textile cables are fashionable, do you dare to manufacture a custom lamp

The textile cables are fashionable, do you dare to manufacture a custom lamp?

When this season arrives, bright colors attract us and make us feel more euphoric and positive. There are many who already live throughout the year with furnishings and colorful accessories, rises in tone , that enliven the interior spaces. How appealing it is to enter the house and leave the gray city behind the door, and plunge into a decorative sea full of color and sensations . Today we are inspired by spaces decorated with colored laces to which the most diverse lamps or original bulbs are attached. With them you can make knots with particular structures in the sections of the rope, do we see them?

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Without thinking of large lighting designs in which these cords remain the size of an ant. Make sympathetic creations with a contemporary and daring trend, is fashion and more, if we make lamps with colored textile laces that cover the typical cables. Up to 45 different colors are there to compose a creation of the most personalized. You just need to hit the color of the cord for your space, adapt a screen according to the environment or a light bulb, the one you like the most!


The cords usually have a standard measurement of 3 meters long , with them you can make original knots or braids before incorporating the female cap. From the Instagram profile of oOfelia Deco we can already make a clear idea of ​​what we will find in your online store, it is not the only one we know, but its disciplinary technique in the order, colors and aesthetics of sale, makes us develop a total inspiration to create lamps that connect with unique spaces. The golden ones are very well achieved.


The art of designing exclusive objects is what this store brings us from its website. In a space there may be the same bulb and the same color of cord wired but with imagination you can turn them into unique models that call attention to the naked eye. The working sockets have single or double entries to form a chain of light bulbs, also it is offered colorful for the capsules of ceiling in case you opt for a smooth tone in the textile cable and color in the ends.

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Zangrá firm works with this amount of colors as well as combining reds with blacks, turquoise and yellows, bluish and mustards, etc. Find these decorations you will find it easy since they are trend and in many web pages are acquired, Brassica Mercantile firm sell this type of cables, with them it will be easy to inspire a DIY to create irresistible objects.

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