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Technological Gift Guide for Children who arrive on time for Reyes: Robots, drones, STEM toys and more

The technology is attractive for children and adults. But if in addition to having fun, it is possible to learn and develop our skills, better than better. If we are looking for gifts for the Magi , we propose a complete selection of technological gadgets and STEM educational toys (an acronym from the English of science, technology, engineering and mathematics) that will arrive in time for the night of January 5th.

From 3 to 6 years

Cody caterpillar


Despite its image in the form of a plush toy, this simple and friendly toy brings programming and technology to the little ones, even if they can not read yet. For 53.93 euros



The games of construction enhance the ingenuity and also allow to lay the foundations of other more complex that allow the introduction of scripts. This of Broks consists of 118 large pieces including pulleys and gears. With guide book step by step to build several figures. For 44.90 euros.

VTech Kidizoom ActionCam


This compact and robust camera allows the little ones to enter the world of moving photography. Its operation is simple and intuitive, allowing to take up to 1000 photos or 10 minutes of video that we can pass to the computer with the help of an adult. Includes accessories. On Amazon for 69.99 euros

Gigi Bloks


It would not be the first (or the last time) that we give to a child and he pays more attention to the box than to its content. And it is that a simple box allows to let the imagination fly and to build surprising things. Imagine what you could do with this game consisting of 96 cardboard pieces that fit together. 30.95 euros.



Varied geometric figures, magnets and colors to build striking and original 3D structures that in addition to stimulating their creativity will allow you to learn shapes and colors. For 27.95 euros.



It is difficult to find at such early ages such a complete game to learn to program as Matatalab ( 129.90 euros ). It is a board game that combines programming, art and music.

Giant piano


Several generations have grown up delighting us with that iconic scene from the movie ‘Big’ in which Tom Hanks plays a song stepping on the keys of a huge keyboard. A great way to learn sounds and exercise. This one of Playmats costs 54.95 euros.

Robot Dash and Dot


Another kit to learn how to program playing at an early age is Dot ( 89.99 euros ), a fun customizable robot with stickers that allows the introduction of code intuitively through the game using a tablet or smartphone. In addition, it is compatible with other more developed programming modes such as Google Blocky.

My first science kit


How many vocations have been born from games like these! With the basic ‘My first science kit’ ( 19.99 euros ) we can make up to 15 simple experiments such as making giant soap bubbles, playing with crystallization, reproducing the colors of the rainbow.

VTech mini computer


Children love to imitate the elderly and with this small computer they can also make games related to the learning of letters, numbers, music, animals and food, logic and music. For 22.99 euros.

Solar augmented reality puzzle


A puzzle is a great idea to develop logic and patience, but this puzzle with augmented reality of the Solar System also allows you to play once it has been completed using an app that is installed on your mobile phone or tablet, so that in addition to the planets the child knows how the Solar System works: the orbits of the planets, their rotations and movements, their sizes and distances … For 24.20 euros.



This robotic dog has voice recognition to understand and execute commands, is sensitive to touch, understands our gestures and allows the introduction of tasks through an application. A fun way to get familiar with many concepts by playing with a dog that even tumbles. For 73.98 euros.

Code & Go

Robot Code And Go

With Code & Go ( 49.55 euros ) it is possible to learn code without the need for a screen. It is a board game in which we must draw a path to follow the mouse by the orders that appear in the letters and our ingenuity. To make it more intuitive, the mouse emits sounds and light

Think Fun Robot Turtles


This original board game was one of the most supported projects in the history of Kickstarter. Robot Turtles ( 53.38 euros ) teaches preschoolers the basics of programming, with different levels to progressively learn.

From 6 to 8 years



Another intuitive solution to play and at the same time learn to program is Ozobot ( 66.86 euros ), a programmable ball through an app to which we can enter the code simply by placing it on the screen. Recognize colors, so you can start with something as simple as following a colored line.

Spin Master Air Hogs


Spin Master Air Hogs is something like a remote control car only without the need for controls, since it is controlled by hands thanks to its sensors sensitive to movement, so that it is able to react to the actions of the child. A futuristic and surprising game that opens the doors to familiarization with motion sensors and drones. For 43,59 euros .

Mind Designer


Following the wake of operation of Ozobot or Dot, through the use of an app and simplified environments, Mind Designer ( 49.88 euros ) introduces elements of programming with drawing, arithmetic and geometry. It also has voice recognition.

LEGO WeDo 2.0


LEGO is a robotic educational institution and many schools participate in the First LEGO League, a global robotics competition that takes place every year. With the price handicap, LEGO offers a consolidated and deep environment to learn how to program. Its simplest kit is WeDo ( 157 euros), which allows you to build figures and program them from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

VTech Kidizoom Smart Watch DX2


The VTech Kidizoom Smart Watch DX2 (69.94 euros) is a smart watch for children. With touch screen and camera, it is able to take photos and record videos, as well as integrate calculator, calendar, settings and games, a very interesting gadget but to use with moderation, since it can distract in class or directly, not be allowed in the classrooms

Makeblock Neuron

Neuron Inventor Kit

Another alternative to learn to program without screens is Makeblock Neuron 119 euros . With this kit it consists of individual programmable electronic blocks that adhere magnetically forming programs. It is compatible with Lego Technic and Makeblock parts.

Real fossil deposit kit


With this National Geographic archaeological kit we can emulate paleontologists discovering popular fossils and researching them. For 29.99 euros

Bit and Bites

Bit and Bytes

Bit and Bites allows familiarization with block programming through a board game with cards in which we can create programs through fun monsters. For 17 euros.

Zum Junior Kit bMaker

Bq Zum Kit

The Zum junior bMaker kit stands out for its ease of use and ease in an environment in which the child can become familiar with the integration of hardware and software using platforms such as BitBloq and bMaker. This kit includes Arduino board and elements for 129 euros.

Minidrone Parrot Jumping Night Marshall


One of the simplest and funniest drones to start is the Parrot Sumo, a car with huge wheels that allow you to take a big one almost one meter high, 20 minutes of autonomy and a top speed of 7 km / h. With integrated wide-angle camera and control through app. In Norauto for 69 euros.

Lego Boost

Lego Boost

The Lego Boost kit is halfway between the simple WeDo that we have seen previously and the Mindstorms EV3 that we will see later, being indicated for children from 7 years old. In Boost we find more than 800 pieces compatible with other kits of the Danish house and elements such as the Hub Hub Hub, color and distance sensors. For 140 euros.

Fire HD 7 from Amazon

A gadget for children to discover technology can be a tablet, thanks to its immense possibilities. The AAP (American Association of Pediatrics) establishes two years as the minimum age to introduce screens as far as possible for children. And from that moment, the exhibition should not exceed two hours a day, of course, with an adult next door. And is that according to this study, its use as a tool to enhance skills depends on the content and how they are designed .

Among the tablets we can choose is the Amazon Fire HD 7 , a model with internal memory of 16 GB for 79 euros . It has an Amazon layer on Android, so we can not use the Google store directly but the Amazon and IPS panel with resolution 1024 x 600 pixels.

If we opted for this tablet, it is advisable to purchase the children’s case from Amazon itself for 18 euros.

In the US store there is a specific model for children with the cover already included for $ 99 , which in addition to a good value for money, offers a number of services and layers that includes access for one year to FreeTime Unlimited service (with hundreds of educational applications and games) or parental controls with aids and “cards” to discover educational apps and games with didactic recommendations for their introduction.



The GraviTrax is a futuristic game of marbles in which children will have to use logic, creativity and above all to understand how gravity works to create circuits for their marbles to travel through. For 80.99 euros .



A globe of the Earth is a very classic resource, however this globe of Buki ( 39.90 euros ) has a photosensitive sensor that allows the constellations to light up when the globe is in the dark, so that besides geography , the child will discover the stars.

From 8 to 11 years old

Drone Syma


This initiation flying drone has the added bonus of integrating a 6-axis system, HD camera and additional functions to achieve an intuitive but at the same time complex handling of a drone experience. For 42.99 euros

LittleBits Avengers Hero

hero hero

This kit takes advantage of Marvel and its Avengers so that children learn to program their avenger, thus granting them powers and functions. An educational experience with a very original concept with a price above the average: 170 euros .

Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit

Kit Kano Harry Potter

Like the previous one, this is a kit that takes advantage of the pull of Harry Potter to introduce the Raspberry Pi to children, through the proven Kano programming kit. It is a complete solution with the advantage of using elements and programming languages ​​as popular as the “Raspi” and Scratch. One of the most interesting things is to use the wand to simulate spells, but it’s not magic, it’s technology. For 80 euros.



This kit has a microscope with color filters and an increase of: x200, x600 and x1200, as well as a clamp, slides, flasks, magnifying glass and sample slides, as well as a booklet with 30 experiments to learn how to prepare slides, samples and configure. For 29.90 euros.

Think Fun Code Master

COde master

Think Fun Code Master is another table game to learn how to program, this time more complex in terms of concepts, which provides many hours of play thanks to its 10 maps and 60 levels of difficulty. For 29 euros.



The Micro: Bit is a little known plate whose main advantage is its complete kits with guided projects and additional components that allow us to build, for example, a humanoid robot. For 47 euros.

The Science of Inventions


The most curious children will find in ‘The Science of Inventions’ a great reef to satisfy their need to know how the world works. And is that this game integrates 11 famous experiments with their respective explanation: light a bulb, electromagnetism … For 9.99 euros .

Snap Circuits

Snap Circuits

The Snap Circuits is a kit of experiments in electricity and electronics that allows you to experiment safely through 60 pieces and 300 guided projects, although you can always let your imagination run wild. The price of this kit is 56 euros .

Electronic Lab

Electronic Lab

Another very affordable experimental electronic kit is this one from Electronic Lab. It consists of capacitors, resistors, light sensors or potentiometers through which children will be able to mount safely, as well as 39 guided projects. In El Corte Inglés for 40 euros, and has been designed so that children from 8 years can safely perform assemblies with electronic components such as capacitors, resistors, light sensors or potentiometers.



For those curious who are always with the view in the sky is this astronomical telescope that allows to see 60X, 18X, 1.5X, 90X and 27X. It is simple and simply serves to begin in the discovery of stars and planets. For 38.99 euros

Robomaker Pro


Robomaker Pro allows you to build 5 robots with different functions and elements that we will discover. However, we can also let the imagination fly and create our own. For 59.95 euros

Sphero R2D2


The Sphero R2D2 ( 80.35 euros ) is a droid for children and adults that we can use your app to explore the galaxy using augmented reality. With simulation and patrol modes, noise and light emission and holographic simulation.



Bloxels allows you to create videogames with real pieces and digital tools on a 13×13 inch board and 320 blocks of 8 colors. Each color represents a different element. A very original and different concept that encourages creativity and imagination. For 20.98 euros

BQ Zowi


Zowi de BQ is a veteran robot in educational robotics. This simple robot is already assembled (although we can customize it) and teaches children how programming is translated into real life: walking, turning 90º, jumping, dancing, trembling, shaking one foot and leaning. For 70.47 euros



If we look for an alternative of assembly and programming to LEGO, Smartbots de Juguetrónica is one of them. It consists of 230 pieces to create up to 8 different robot models (or whatever we want) that we can program by blocks using the smart machines app. It works through Wi-Fi. For 122 euros

Meccano Meccanoid


Meccanoid Meccano goes a step further in terms of possibilities, environments and pieces, so it is a kit for those children who love technology with some experience and who are looking for something more. It costs 339 euros and in it we find more than a thousand varied pieces, 3 different ways of programming and the possibility of controlling our droid by voice.

Electrocephalus Plus


If the idea of assembling a bulb falls short, Electrocefa Plus ( 81.80 euros ) has 175 electronic experiments that are easy to construct and understand guided so that you can execute them safely. It is a very complete kit in terms of possibilities and parts.

More than 12 years

Parrot Swing Drone


This minidrone is a peculiar aircraft easily manageable with an X design that gives it stability during flight maneuvers, takeoff and landing. The Parrot Swing can be used both indoors and outdoors, either with Parrot Flypad controller or with a smartphone or a tablet. It has a range of 60 meters and a range of 7 minutes according to the manufacturer. Its use is recommended with the supervision of an adult. For 45 euros.



Makeblock is a simple kit of parts that allows you to mount a car with a series of sensors whose heart is an Arduino board. It comes with a good set of pieces, but we can expand with electronic elements or even with LEGO pieces. It is compatible with the makeblock platform, so the possibilities are very broad. It costs 79.90 euros

Makey Makey

Makey Makey

Makey Makey is an interactive creation kit whose strong point is to turn any object into controllers of programs designed by children. For example, you can create fruit pianos, plasticine controls for videogames, interactive floors. The Makey Makey board is used and is compatible with Scratch, Arduino and Makeblock environment. For 52 euros.

Da Vinci Nano 3D printer

3D printer for children

Although there are more affordable 3D printers, the Da Vinci Nano from XYZ Printing has the advantage of coming already assembled and ready to use. This model also has very attractive dimensions to move it anywhere. With the Da Vinci Nano of XYZ Printing we can print in 3D what we send through the app. Of course, at most we can print in an area of ​​12x12x12 cm and the maximum resolution of 100 microns. For 241 euros .

Braccio Tinkerkit Arduino

T050000 Back

The Braccio Tinkerkit Arduino is an electronic kit for teenagers who already have certain knowledge, since they must mount a fully functional robotic arm based on Arduino. Its price is 229 euros.

Lego Mindstorms EV3

Mindstorms EV3

The Lego Mindstorms EV3 is the programming game par excellence. So much so that many schools integrate it into their curriculum of activities, either officially or through extracurricular activities.

The Lego Mindstorms EV3 is one of the most complete kits in terms of content, environment, complexity and experience. Its price is 362 euros

Premium Robotis

Robotis premium

Another alternative for teenagers is the Robotis kits, where the Robotis Premium range is aimed at people over 14 years of age due to its quality, quantity and complexity of elements. Its price is 1255 euros and integrates almost 30 designs of robots with guided construction, although it is open to projects created by oneself.

Nintendo Labo Toy-With Varied Kit

Nintendo Labo vehicles

To enjoy this kit it is necessary to have a Nintendo Switch console, which is why we have framed the Nintendo Labo in this age range.

However, this kit provides an interactive construction and game experience designed to stimulate creativity and imagination by creating toys by assembling the cardboard plates, something that could be done at a younger age. For 60 euros.

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