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Small kitchen utensils for less than 17 euros that help you with the day to day

Small kitchen utensils for less than 17 euros that help you with the day to day

Losing myself in Amazon and discovering practical inventions that can make my life easier is one of my favorite pastimes (very freaky, I know). I think it’s because I have a bit of an inventive soul and I even get excited when I find something I had already imagined before. On other occasions what I find are very practical things that can facilitate me day to day, which is not little.

They may seem small changes but everything adds up. If it is important to maintain the order of things, it is important to have enough things to maintain that order . And that may include a towel rack for the cloth. Because your kitchen with handles is ideal but you do not know where to leave the cloth, and walk around on the counter bothering, or worse, on the back of a chair.

Other solutions are as simple as making it easier to pick up the countertop from organic waste to throw away, rather than by hand. Those of us who do not have a hole in the countertop connected to organic waste (like Arguiñano) have never missed it.


As I said before, when the handles are vertical or the whole kitchen is a handkerchief you can find a hole for this towel rack with which to have the kitchen cloth at hand.

Tatkraft Horizon

Tatkraft Horizon Kitchen towel rack for Stainless Steel Doors 9.95 €


mDesign Stainless steel drill-free towel rack € 7.99


I use a small plate, for dessert but of course this seems more functional and you make sure that the buckets do not move or stain anything.

Rest Utensils

Rest utensils, gray color € 8.90

Gotting Multipurpose Silicone Spoon

Multi-purpose silicone spoon (supports ladles) € 1.41


Sanno Adjustable Fruit and Vegetable Holder

Adjustable dish holder over the sink, stainless steel wire drying stand € 16.99 –


What I told you. A great invention.

Wenko 7730100

Wenko Kitchen container for garbage collection – with scraper, Plastic – PP, 32.5 x 9 x 17.5 cm, White € 9.99


So that the clean utensils never mix with the dirty ones, to whom it has not happened ?. In traffic light format to know when they are clean and pick them up or when they are dirty.

Charles Daily Premium Disf Nanny

Dishwasher Signal so you never mix clean and dirty dishes – domestic helpers all surfaces 9.95 €


If, like me, you have problems opening them, this option may be interesting, even though they point out that it is for people with artitris (everything will be done …)

Jar Opener Grip Bottles

Jar opener, bottles, can opener mobility aid for the elderly rheumatoid arthritis Twist Off Gripper Set 13 €

And to you, do you find them useful?

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