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Seven adjustments we can make with the color in Adobe Photoshop

Seven adjustments we can make with the color in Adobe Photoshop

When we reveal our photographs from a RAW we realize that color always needs a customized setting. It is true that we can resort to the generic adjustments offered by cameras or programs, but we lose the pleasure of doing things ourselves. Today we are going to collect some articles that we have published on how to adjust the color in Adobe Photoshop.

It is one of the keys to get a good development. Digital color is, to put it mildly, ugly. Before we could go to one or another movie to get certain colors but now it is impossible. If we work well, without imposed colors, we have to work out a personal way of seeing the color.

With the theme of the new Adobe profiles we have the most trite road, but it is not all solved. A RAW has no color, we have to give it to you. So I have compiled several articles in which improving color is the central theme.

How to reinforce the sunset colors with the help of Adobe Photoshop

When we started to take photographs we always bet for two reasons: the children and those beautiful sunsets that we did not stop sharing through the networks. If we work with a jpeg or mobile phone, those golden colors will always fall into saturation without control.


This technique allows us to control with extreme precision the tone and saturation that we want for our photographs at sunset. The secret is to go to the help of the selection of the luminosity masks.

Four ways to improve color in Adobe Photoshop

In this article, we remember four adjustments to improve color with simple techniques. From managing the HSL tab of Adobe Camera RAW to the game that can give an adjustment layer Hue / Saturation with the help of blending modes.


The results depend on the configuration of the camera at the time of shooting. It is convenient to stop for a while in the manual and in the experimentation to achieve something that seems contradictory, which is not another thing that the colors are ugly on the LCD screen. It seems a lie, but it is a good sign.

How to improve the color of our landscape photos with Photoshop

Landscape photography improves as long as we have the color controlled. We adjust the lights and shadows to direct the viewer’s gaze. But color, in its entirety, can change the meaning of a photograph by itself.


With these steps,we discovered in this article based on the Hue, Saturation and Luminosity parameters, we will achieve that the photograph in question calls the attention to all the spectators that look at it.

How to adjust the saturation with the help of the luminosity masks in Adobe Photoshop

The luminosity masks allow many things. One of them is to control the color. If instead of making selections based on the luminosity of the pixels we make them fixed in the saturation of them we will achieve an unparalleled control.


Here you will discover the path we have to follow to exactly adjust the color we want, depending on the purity it has in the photograph. Nothing will be the same in your photographs.

How to make color grading with Adobe Photoshop

Many photographers want to reflect in our images the color we see in reality. But it may happen that we do not like them and we see the picture with other tones. One of the techniques we can use is grading color.


It seems a complicated technique but if you follow all the steps indicated, the results are tremendously striking, especially if you can see the before and the after.

How to change the color in Adobe Photoshop with the help of LUTs files

In a world where you can do everything with your computer, it is normal that you can use video techniques to change the color of a photograph. In this case we see how to modify the color with the help of the LUTs files.


LUT file is a table of mathematical data that allows the software in question to change the tonalities of colors from one photograph to another. And maybe to play with them is an essential technique.

How to identify and solve saturation in Adobe Camera RAW

Nobody ever said that photographing was easy. And since we do it in digital we have many headaches. One of them, although it seems incredible, is to control the saturation of our images.


With this process, we will know at once if what we are seeing is an exposure problem or that our camera has been unable to reproduce the purity of a certain color.

I hope that all these articles will inspire you to try this weekend that approaches with all the possibilities offered by the world of color. And that you continue looking for DIY Somo Photography because there are many treasures waiting for you.

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