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Samsung Unveils Images Of The Galaxy Watch Active 2 And The Galaxy Tab S6

Samsung Unveils Images Of The Galaxy Watch Active 2 And The Galaxy Tab S6

On August 7, Samsung has quoted the media to unveil its new flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. However, before this new mobile is introduced in Samsung’s Unpacked, the brand will unveil your next tablet and your next smartwatch. In fact, a first video has already appeared that shows details of these devices that will arrive in a matter of days.

In a video published by Samsung today, you can see some features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 watch and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 tablet. If they are finally going to be called that, it is something that does not appear in the video. What does appear is the presentation date: The new Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 arrives on July 31, the new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 will arrive on August 5.



A clock without just frames and a tablet with the S Pen as the protagonist

In a teaser of just 20 seconds, a series of features that we will have in the new products are shown. Starting with the tablet, we can see more rounded edges and especially the S Pen that is attached to the tablet using magnets. A keyboard also appears briefly, which is probably an external accessory.

On the other hand, two days before the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 we will have a new Samsung smartwatch. Of the clock, there are hardly details beyond that sphere that seems to have no frame and be all glass. Another feature that can be seen in the video is the electrocardiogram, or at least that should serve the green LED lights on the inside.

Tomorrow July 31 we will leave doubts regarding the new Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet. The clock will be unveiled on Monday, August 5, just two days before Samsung’s Unpacked. The culmination of these developments by Samsung will be the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 in the Unpacked, of which although numerous details have been leaked, the only certain thing is the presentation date, its hole for the front camera and the S Pen.

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