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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6: The S Pen Becomes Important In Samsung's Most Powerful Tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6: The S Pen Becomes Important In Samsung’s Most Powerful Tablet

Precisely during the day, Samsung showed some small details of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 next to the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, the two devices that would arrive before the Unpacked Samsung Galaxy Note 10. The first has already done so, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is already official and this is all it brings.

After the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e arrived recently, the Korean company wanted to unveil its new flagship tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6. Yes, it has been passed from Tab S4 to Tab S6 directly with Tab S5e in between. This new version focuses more on productive capabilities than ever, especially thanks to the versatility offered by official accessories such as the external keyboard and stylus.



Samsung has used a 10.5-inch AMOLED panel to bring out all the capabilities of this tablet. This screen is accompanied by four speakers with AKG and Dolby Atmos technology to achieve the full stereo sound.

Two rear cameras are what we are going to find. Samsung has opted for a dual-module with an ultra-wide-angle main camera (123º) of 13 megapixels and f / 2.0 aperture next to a second wide-angle camera (80º) of 5 megapixels and aperture f / 2.2 on the front the camera is of 8 megapixels. Follow the trail of the previous generation and keep the cameras on one side, the module is no longer in the center as was the case for example in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4.

Samsung has also included in this new version of its tablet biometric authentication by a fingerprint on the screen, something already quite common in mobile phones but not so much in tablets.

As far as the operating system is concerned we find Android 9 Pie by default, accompanied by Samsung’s One UI personalization layer. Here, however, all the services, applications and functions offered by Samsung are interesting as well as what Android 9 brings. We see for example the inclusion of Bixby or specific functions for the S Pen.

The Korean manufacturer has also included in its new tablet a new version of Samsung DeX, which allows you to convert the tablet into a computer. Also, they comment that thanks to the new external keyboard it is possible to open and close Samsung DeX easily to have a comfortable desktop experience.

The S Pen is reinvented in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

The new Samsung tablet if it stands out for something is the accessories that accompany it. The S Pen is not something new from the sixth generation of the Galaxy Tab, but it has received important changes this time. In the first place, its design is somewhat different, less cylindrical and leaving the circular ring typical of the previous generation. In the same way that Apple did with its new iPad Pro, in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 it is possible to attach the S Pen by means of magnets on the back so that it is charged or simply carried while it is not being used. The tablet has a small slit where to place it.

The autonomy of the S Pen goes until 10 hours of normal use with a total charge. But those 10 hours can be greatly reduced if the ‘Air Actions’ functions are used. These functions use different pen sensors to detect movements in three dimensions that allow interacting with the tablet. For example, we can take selfies, change songs, pause reproductions or more.

The S-Pen has a total of 4,096 points of precision. This makes it especially effective when it comes to drawing in detail or writing by hand with it, it remains to be seen what the refresh rate is that it does not have the annoying delay from when a line is drawn until it appears on the screen.

Versions and prices of the Galaxy Tab S6

Samsung’s new high-end tablet is available in three different colors: light blue, gray and rose gold. There are also two variants for connectivity, with or without LTE.

At the moment Samsung has not confirmed the exact official launch date nor for Spain, they indicate that it will be available in specific markets at the end of August  The starting price is also unknown at the moment.

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