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A routine to gain muscle mass in the gym

A routine to gain muscle mass in the gym

With the arrival of heat, most people worry about defining their muscles and decreasing their percentage of body fat, but what about all those who are still looking to gain size?

Do not think that we forget you, because precisely this routine to gain muscle mass will help you to achieve it.

Variables to consider

Before starting we want to clarify several concepts; The idea to propose this type of training is to articulate the routine on an axial skeleton composed of multi-articular exercises (bench press, dead weight …) to recruit a large amount of muscle fibers doing the least amount of work possible.

We will alternate the movements of pull and push with the work of torso and legs, so that we reduce fatigue as much as possible and we can generate strength gains in addition to muscle mass gains.

As you will see, it is structured so that the same volume is given to the bench press and to the dead weight as to the pull-ups and the squats. In this way you will avoid de-compensation as much as possible.

Muscle Gaining Routine

The routine is designed so that at least you train four days a week. If you consider that you have a great capacity for recovery you can do two things; increase the total volume of the four days, or increase the frequency of work to six days. In any case, we advise you that if you do not have four days a week you opt for another routine.

With regard to rest times, we leave them to your choice, since, as we have said, the capacity for recovery varies greatly from one person to another, and therefore we consider that it is not worthwhile to establish rest periods. If they are too short they will not allow you to recover completely and complete the whole volume, while if they are too long you will be wasting your time.


Romanian deadweight (5 x 6,6,8,8,8, RIR 1) Prone biacromial widths (5 x 6,6,8,8,8, RIR 1) Press bench declined (5 x 6,6,8,8,8; RIR 1) Rear squat high bar (5 x 6,6,8,8,8; RIR 1)
Press bench (5 x 10,6,6,8,8; RIR 2) Rear squat high bar (5 x 10,6,6,8,8; RIR 2) Deadlift (5 x 10.6,6,8,8; RIR 2) Neutral domes biacromial width (5 x 10.6,6,8,8, RIR 2)
SS *: Side elevations with unilateral dumbbells (4 x 8 – 10, RIR 2) – Bridge of gluteus 1 ‘ SS *: shoulder press with dumbbells (4 x 6 – 8, RIR 1) – Ankle lifts on foot machine (4 x 6 – 8, RIR 0) SS *: Face-pull (4 x 10 – 12, RIR 1) – Bridge of gluteus 1 ‘ SS *: Military press (4 x 6 – 8, RIR 1) – Ankle lifts on foot machine (4 x 6 – 8, RIR 0)
Bulgarian Squad (6 x 10, 10, 10, 12, 12, 12, RIR 2) French press declined (6 x 10, 10, 10, 12, 12, 12, RIR 2) Curl with dumbbells with bench at 45º (6 x 10, 10, 10, 12, 12, 12, RIR 2) Hip thrust (6 x 10, 10, 10, 12, 12, 12, RIR 2)
Preacher Curl (6 x 10; RIR 1) Femoral curl in machine (6 x 10, RIR 1) Quadriceps extensions (6 x 10; RIR 1) Extension of triceps in high pulley with rope (6 x 10; RIR 1)

* SS: Superseries.

Two last concepts

As you may have noticed, we mention the RIR, or repetitions in the bedroom. This is a way that you can establish intensity in an appropriate way, since you can establish the weights of the different exercises depending on the repetitions that you are able to do.

For example, a 6 x 10; RIR 1 would mean that you should choose a weight with which you are able to perform eleven repetitions but not twelve, although in any case you only make 10.


Finally, keep in mind that you will not get the results you should if your diet does not complement this routine . Although it is much more complex than this, do not neglect that your protein intake is adequate (with two grams per kilogram of body weight is very likely enough) and that at least you eat between 200 and 500 calories more than you spend with your physical activity throughout the day.

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