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How to replace text by emoji automatically in iOS and macOS

How to replace text by emoji automatically in iOS and macOS

Everyone is looking for quick ways to include emojis in their messages, emails or comments. And that’s why we have already explained alternatives to find them as alternative keyboards in iOS or the special options of iMessage. But you may want even more immediacy.

And there is a way to get that immediacy, or at least approach it. We can use emojis in the substitutions of text that both iOS and macOS have , to introduce some key characters and that these are automatically replaced by one or several emoji. Let’s prove it with an example.

From text to emoji without doing anything else

On the iPhone, access the Settings application. In the General> Keyboard> Text Substitution section you have all the character strings with which you generate substitutions. What we want to do is just what you can see in the first place of this list, replace some characters with an emoji.

IPhone Text Replacement List

Click on the ‘+’ button that you have on the top right. In the ‘Phrase’ field, type the emoji or emoji you want to write using a few characters. In the field ‘Quick function’, write the string of characters with which you are going to use this substitution:

IPhone Text Replacement

Click on ‘Save’. Your new substitution will have been added to the list:

Replacement Text Iphone 2

From now on, following my example, every time I write the word ‘Dank’ it will be replaced by the two emojis that you can see just above, just press the space key to continue writing. Uppercase and lowercase are not distinguished , so you do not have to worry about writing it at the beginning of a sentence.

Replacement Text Iphone Chat

Best of all, these substitutions are synchronized by iCloud with your Mac , so if you want to use the same substitutions in macOS you will not have to do anything to get it:

Replacement Mac Text

From here, you can be as creative as you want to avoid changing the keyboard to write that emoji you always use.

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