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Reinforce diets and sport with cosmetics-anticelulítico Collistar for summer

We reinforce the diets and the sport with cosmetics: We tried the anti-cellulite Collistar for this summer

The bikini operation is a thing of the past. The body-positive movement has made it clear that all bodies are perfect tipazos for the beach . However, looking beautiful in front of the mirror always fancy and in that cellulite can play an important role . If this is your case this interests you, because we have tried the Collistar draining cellulite and now we can tell you all about it.

According to the firm Collistar , “this is a completely new product that combines the benefits of anti-cellulite sludge with the effects of Slim-Drone , an ingredient that directly attacks the fat cells.” This is combined with an anti-wrinkle gel that softens the skin and helps eliminate toxins. “

Its price is 62.80 euros and has very good reviews, but we wanted to try it firsthand to know its results. These are our impressions.

anti-cellulite collistar review

The product comes comfortably presented in a classic body cream jar, with a wide opening to access it comfortably. All in white and green fluorine, like the rest of the anti-cellulite line of the Italian firm . A container of 400 ml. in XL format that has all the information about your application in the box, so that no doubt remains.

The first thing that catches your attention when you open the Collistar anti-celluliteis its smell, very sweet and fresh perfect for the summer season. It is not too intense and burdensome, but it leaves an appetizing aroma in the body, as if it were a perfumed body-milk .

Its texture is very soft. At first it seems compact as if it were a custard, but then it extends perfectly on the skin, without being dense or heavy. It leaves a very fresh and hydrated feeling in the application area , although it takes a while to absorb (around 5 minutes). However, its freshness, liquid effect and the ease with which it is applied make it perfect for summer .

anti-cellulite collistar review

But let’s focus on the important things! Because what interests us the most about an anti-cellulite is its results, that’s clear. And we have good news, because its use is noticeable. It is important to use it when leaving the shower, with the skin still wet after drying it with a towel. Apply it with circular and forceful movements in the most problematic areas , with a thorough massage so that the product penetrates. Then leave it in the air to be absorbed deeply.

We have used it for 30 days, time in which we could notice the difference in the skin. This is smoother and smoother, having lost the bulges and holes that can cause fat in the area of ​​the thighs and the back. However, it is important to emphasize that it has been accompanied by daily exercise and a balanced diet (although not excessively strict). Anti-cellulite alone does not work miracles, but it gives us a good boost of results that motivates us to continue.

Product Rating Collistar Draining Anti Cellulite

  • Texture: 8/10
  • Packaging : 10/10
  • Sensation on the skin: 8/10
  • Results: 9/10
  • Price in relation to quality and results ( 62.80 euros ): 7/10

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