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Pretty and Simple DIY Handicrafts Using Sackcloth

Pretty and Simple DIY Handicrafts Using Sackcloth

Easily Doable DIYs with Sackcloth

What is the sackcloth?

Sackcloth, also known as burlap or jute cloth, is a natural fabric that comes from the fibers of the jute plant. It is usually used for the manufacture of bags due to its great resistance, but for some time it has become very fashionable for the creation of decorative elements of rustic style and even for the manufacture of handbags.  Jute is a very versatile and economic fabric that allows us to make a lot of decorative DIY handicrafts.Nowadays burlap cloth is manufactured in many colors, not only in natural tone, so you will easily find the one that best suits the decoration of your home. Today I would like to show you some examples of pretty and simple DIY handicrafts using sackcloth that you can make at home yourself.

Decorate your house with DIY Handicrafts Using Sackcloth

The resistance of this type of fabric makes it the perfect material for interior decoration projects, especially for upholstering armchairs or creating puffs like the one in the photo. The apparent seams give it an even more rustic look and will fit into any corner of your home.

Decorate your house with sackcloth

DIY Sackcloth Cushion Cover

What if we recycled some old bags to make some cushions? The print of the bag gives a very special charm to the cushion cover. If we do not find bags with this type of prints we can create them ourselves with a template and textile paint. To obtain a better result you will have to use a stencil brush and download the brush paint on a paper before applying it on the fabric. If we proceed in this way we will not overflow the template and the result will be cleaner.

Decorate your house with sackcloth-2

Basket of Burlap Cloth

As it is a rigid fabric it is specially indicated to make small baskets without the need to incorporate an interlining. In this video tutorial you can easily and clearly explain how to sew a practical basket of burlap cloth.

This basket is ideal for organizing belts, handkerchiefs and other accessories in the dressing room. It can also be used to store the Lego pieces of the children, the strollers and other small toys that roll around their room.  If we add a loop of cloth we can hang them from a hook in the hall to store the keys, gloves.

Sackcloth Crowns to Decorate Doors

You already know that I love crowns to decorate doors, so I could not miss one in this compilation of DIY handicrafts using sackcloth. If you like rustic décor, I’m sure you’re going to love this DIY. By wrapping a polystyrene ring with sackcloth and sticking some flowers of the same fabric with the help of a glue gun we can create a very beautiful crown in a matter of minutes.


Sackcloth or Jute Flowers

In the following tutorial video of Herme Handicrafts, they explain how to make sackcloth or jute flowers that will be great for decorating crowns, photo frames, gift packages and many other things.

DIY Lamps Using Sackcloth

This DIY seems to me the most original of all. It would never have occurred to me that lamps could be manufactured with sackcloth. The truth is that the result is pretty good, you only need a metal ring that we cover with the fabric and the top of the screen is tied to the cable itself. Do you dare with a lamp of this style?


Lavender Bags of Jute

Do you want to perfume the wardrobe? Well, nothing better than making some bags of lavender with burlap cloth, as well as perfuming moths you will chase away. If you are looking for a more decorative detail with a touch of French countryside you can make a cone with a square of sackcloth and close it with a wooden button. It will look great hanging on the wall!

diy with sack cloth-3

Cover Your Pots with Burlap

If sewing is not your thing you do not have to give up using the sackcloth to decorate your home. There are also simple projects that do not require a sewing machine. Such are these pots covered with burlap and rope. Therefore, I love this idea because it is really simple but with a beautiful result. You can even apply it to make centerpieces at your wedding banquet.

diy with sack cloth-1

Wedding Decoration Using Sackcloth

And speaking of weddings, what do you think of this table decoration made with sackcloth bands? I think it has been very elegant and very well combined with the flag garland. White flowers and candles complete this romantic style decoration.

If you’re going to use very long rectangular tables at your wedding, I recommend using a sack cloth table runner. This table runner can be made very cheaply and would look really stylish. This type of tablecloths combines very well with vintage crochet rugs and vases with wildflowers.

sack cloth table runner

diy with sack cloth-2

If you celebrate a wedding in the field the sackcloth can be used to create beautiful covers for cutlery. We will serve as trademarks if we add a card with the name of the guest to the celebration. These covers are very easy to make, you just have to fold the scrap in two and sew the sides. Do this by leaving an opening at the top to put the cutlery. We will finish decorating with a strip of white lace and you are ready to take your place on the plate.


I hope you have been inspired by all these ideas and DIY handicrafts using sackcloth.

Which one is your favorite?

Have you already used jute for your DIYs?

Thank you for your visit and comments.

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