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Do it yourself-More practical than impossible-a DIY magazine table for the sofa

Do it yourself: More practical than impossible, a DIY magazine table for the sofa

Now that the summers are here, you probably have a few days off. And if you want to forget for a while the shopping and the feasts and get down to work to make it more comfortable, here is the solution.

coffee table that includes a practical magazine rack to use on your sofa evenings that comes with Bosch, ideal for summers at home, and which is also decorative What more could you want?

Coffee Table Material

To begin with, once you have all the necessary tools and equipment ready, the first thing you will have to do is cut the wooden panels with the help of the EasyCut 50 cutting saw, perfect for making immersion cuts without prior drilling.

Coffee Table Step 1

When you have the wooden panels cut, you will have to carefully sand the edges of the wooden panels with the PSM 18 LI multi-sander. In addition, you can also use the EasyVac 12 manual vacuum cleaner to clean the surface.

Coffee Table Step 2

The third step will be to take the motherboard and draw four marks near the edge with a distance of 6 cm between each mark. Once done, you must drill the holes with the EasyDrill 12 cordless drill / driver.

Coffee Table Step 3

Next, you should place the motherboard up , placing the vertical panel in front of it so that we can screw the EasyDrill 12 plates.

Coffee Table Step 4

Our next step will be to fix the vertical panel in the opposite place using the clamp G, placing the mounting angle in its position. To do this, we will help ourselves with the IXO screwdriver.

Coffee Table Step 5

Now, it is time to take the table, and mark the position of the mounting angle on the bottom 9 cm from the edge. You will have to fix the table to the vertical panel through the mounting angle by screwing three short screws using IXO again.

Coffee Table Step 6

Once we have the structure, we have to build the magazine rack. To do this, you will have to put the table in an upright position, marking the desired position of the magazine rack in the lower third of the table. Specifically, you will have to place the magazine rack in the position marked with the clamp in G, indicating the position of the magazine rack on the other side, more or less in the center of the strip. Once this step is done, you will have to drill the holes with EasyDrill 12.

Coffee Table Step 7

To finish with this simple DIY, it is necessary to join the magazine rack to the panel with four screws with the help of IXO, removing the clamp G to have our auxiliary table ready. To protect the floor and the table does not leave marks, you can place felt pads on the bottom.

Coffee Table Step 8

What do you think of this ‘do it yourself’ to make this functional auxiliary furniture? Do you dare to get down to work and show that you are a handyman?

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