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Practical and easy DIY tips to clean a sofa and keep it as new

Practical and easy DIY tips to clean a sofa and keep it as new

No matter if you’re a housewife or not, cleanliness is necessary. Whether you personally do it or someone else is responsible for the hygiene of the home, as it is an essential act. Today we talk about the most common tricks to clean the stains or dirt accumulated on a sofa. The tips that are sometimes forgotten, we will remember in this article.

There are many types of upholstery for sofas, different fabrics and materials that need a care or another. Therefore, using certain products for each sofa is essential, so we will achieve less deterioration and will be more long-lived. For this we will take into account the types of sofas with which today homes are decorated and those stains that so desperate us will disappear forever Hands on to work!


We analyze the use:

Analyzing the use of a sofa is the key to keeping it in good condition. The care, its suction and the cleaning of the fabric are basic but it influences the misuse of the furniture. Study what solutions can be adopted to not so dirty a sofa , (feet, hands, food, hair, newspaper and books whose ink blackens the fabric).

To extend the life of a sofa we must take into account:

Do not approach heat sources or solar radiation, because it deteriorates the tissues making them softer, less resistant, cracks and dry if they are skin and lose the original color of the tissue if it gives them continuous sunlight. Arranged under a hot / cold air conditioner the blades should not hit them directly, all atmospheric changes affect their construction and coating.

Do not overlap books with ink, pencils, or pens, so we will avoid extra stains. For example, if your street bag is usually supported on the ground or on the underside of a car, its lower part will dirty the sofa if you leave it on top of it, likewise with backpacks, sports bags, etc. These are details to keep in mind.

Socks, shoes, feet and toys. They are the enemies of a sofa. The socks and feet make the fabrics smell and the toys can get stuck or simply dirty the seats. We do not even talk about shoes … it does not only dirty the sole, the upper part, if the shoe is not clean, it is also not recommended that you stroke the sofa. In addition, it is a source of microbes that will later pass to our clothes and body.

A common practice is to sit on the armrests, if it is a sofa designed for it, great! if it is not like that, it avoids that they feel in them it will be deformed less and its appearance will last longer.

Avoid cleaning them with:

The use of dishwashing detergents, ammonia, alcohol products, liquids, greases and baby wipes are not recommended. What you can do is remove the main stain and leave an even worse one, the fence of the product with which you have cleaned. “Difficult to remove”.

If you are addicted to ammonia, it is my case, do the test on the back of the sofaon an area of ​​tissue not visible and mixed with water in greater quantity, it is true that the ammonia works, cleans and disinfects, let it dry and check that leaves his trail and does not deteriorate or burn the tissue. It may be that semi-fur upholstery or leather, do not resist abrasion.

Cleaning tips according to the model:

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  • Smooth leather sofas and thick leather :

The thick skin varies in its texture, it is a rough type of skin, the maintenance is identical for the two ends, although it is true that between its thickness the dirt is more incrusted. Precious and unique, how to proceed with your care?

Tips; Every 15 days vacuum the corners where the dust accumulates. Every 2 or 3 months pass a cloth with soft water and dry with a dry cloth. If you suffer from a stain, for example, a ballpoint pen, look for a specific product for cleaning leather sofas, the sooner you can find solutions, the less time your skin will have to absorb the ink.

While you find the magic product in specialized stores or supermarkets, the homemade solution is: a few drops of white vinegar mixed with water and olive oil, rub and then pass a cloth moistened with water and soap. Your sofa will be ready!

Hydration is important in a leather sofa, pass with your own hands a little nourishing cream, you will recover the shine and hydration. This trick must be completed in all areas to match the color and match the flash.

  • Leather or eco-leather sofas :

The eco-leather sofas are a great alternative to the leather sofa because they are more economical and you can decorate your home with the same warmth effect that natural skin provides. Because it is made of leatherette, we should not neglect it; in fact, a sofa with these characteristics requires more care. The purpose is not to crack and always remain new.

Tips; Aspirate and use a damp cloth with warm water, quickly dry with another dry cloth. For stains use the same procedure with neutral soap and if they are difficult stains with neutral detergent. There are cases in which the clay stone or a cotton with cleansing cream, are tricks, to end with the heaviest spots.

  • Sofas with repellent fabrics and anti-stain fabrics:

With them we are saved from stains and not from dirt or dust in suspension that ends up resting before or after them.

Tips; A good suction and cleaning with a damp cloth is sufficient if the stain is dry, if the liquid is poured, a cloth or paper to absorb will suffice. Obviously this type of fabrics are a bit more expensive but in the long run it compensates the investment.

  • Light colored sofas :

Each day more used in decoration should not give respect to the sofas of light color, currently the subtle fabrics are very fashionable and we have the secret to attract their stains. The care of a light or neutral sofa consists of the aspiration plus this cleaning trick that seems to work quite well.

Tips; In a bowl mix half lemon juice strained, half a cup of water, a glass of liquor full of alcohol and a splash of detergent. Not only applies to the top of your sofa, you can also eliminate the marks of the shoes on the bottom.

  • Colorful or vivacious sofas :

The dark colors and the most striking, as fashionable this year as, boiler tones, olive greens, mustard and the great palette of grays and even blacks, can be treacherous. The logical thing is to think that a light-colored sofa is less practical, then no. In dark and lively colors, dust accumulates in the same way as in others but is much more appreciated as the base is darker.

In areas of less use of a sofa (rear armrests, rigid backrest to the support cushion, etc.) dust accumulates and the worst is visible.

advice ; A dark sofa needs more maintenance of vacuum and wet cloth more daily, to absorb the remaining dust. This way you will not accumulate too many mites on the sofa. For stains or dirt we must be guided by its coating. In this article, you will find almost all the possibilities to keep your sofa dark like the first day, water and neutral soap for simple fabrics. Avoid fatty liquids and do not even think about using a comical make-up remover.

  • Sofas with twisted or crossed fabrics and microgamuza:

The normal thing is that they are dry cleaning sofas and you have totally forbidden their washing machine, although I personally have sinned of it (like many of you, the question was to try and to risk), in my case the test did not go so badly. The logical thing before this case is to draw as much tissue as possible and take it to the dry cleaners. It is the way to ensure that the fabric does not deform and shrink, in addition to achieving thorough cleaning.

Tips; the part of non-transportable fabric needs to be cleaned, a good vacuum, with a cloth moistened in a solution of two or three drops of neutral soap to clean its structure is enough, to clarify as many times as you think necessary.

For those who do not want to risk there are dry foams in the market, they are left to rest while penetrating the fibers of the fabric and later they are removed by circling and rinsing the sponge the appropriate times, until the total removal of the foam. To finish, brush and vacuum the entire upholstery. Once reassembled it will look new and will give off a smell that you barely remember could come out of your sofa.

  • The wonderful and delicate velvet:

As the name suggests is a fabric with lint or short hair, aesthetically ideal and ideal to attract all kinds of impurities. The velvet does not admit hot water, nor ironing, does not want folds that make you lose your hair and your brushing should be with a soft bristle brush.

Tips; Medium aspiration, dry cleaning or at home with a mixture of water and alcohol, only on the stain we want to eliminate. Gently rub with a fine and well squeezed sponge so that it does not drip and stain more fabric than it should, without squeezing. For the rest of the fabric of the sofa and its maintenance, it will be enough to mix water and ironing water to remove the dirt from the surface and leave a beautiful aroma.

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  • Sofas made of natural fabrics (cotton, linen):

The easiest thing would be to clean them by machine but they will be able to find a natural composition, before, we should check the manufacturer’s label to obtain the cleaning code. You can also go through the dry cleaners, where they will be left as new. Although we give you this trick.

Tips; Sprinkle with a thin layer of baking soda on the cushions. Wait 10 to 15 minutes, giving the bicarbonate time to absorb the odors of the fabric. The next step will be a good vacuum to remove the bicarbonate powder from the top of each piece to the bottom.

To conclude, there are silicone-based sprays that protect sofas from unexpected stains and daily dirt. If you have the great luck of being able to put the fabrics in the washing machine, adapt the fabric, the program and the right temperature. With these tips you can remove from a sofa stains of ballpoint, wine, red fruits, sticky elements and other dirt.

  • Advice for wine stains; dry with napkins as much as possible, add salt so that it enters the pores and remove the remaining wine, add lemon juice as a natural solvent, finally wipe with water and a few drops of liquid detergent, rinse. Always with caution respecting the fabric with which the sofa, the chair and even hanging tapestries have been made. Because these tricks serve much more than a sofa and facilitate domestic work.

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