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Plants converted into green walls, a simple and natural space separator

Plants converted into “green walls”, a simple and natural space separator

Most of us have already surrendered to the charm of connected spaces and we are clear that the less walls the better, but it is also true that we like to enjoy privacy and intimacy in certain circumstances, so we still need to close or delimit environments in a certain way .

Sculptural and organic, the botanical pots by Helen Kontouris provide that sensation of visual separation in a natural way for interior and exterior spaces. Unlike formal hedges and modern vertical gardens, here every screen in the collection works much like a typical potted plant, so maintenance is simplified to a minimum.

Botanical Planter 01
Botanical Planter 00

As you can see in the photos of this article there are several designs of different shapes. We can find an aesthetic for each style and each taste, as well as the possibility of mixing and combining them to achieve a totally personalized look.

Once they grow, they create excellent visual dividers and acoustic damping panels for either an open-plan work space or an outdoor patio that needs a spatial definition. In addition, the system allows each one to use their own favorite climbing plant, including, for example, passion fruit, Chinese pea or climbing tomato.

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