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Peanuts, why are they called nuts if they are really legumes

Peanuts, why are they called nuts if they are really legumes?

Peanuts are a very often included food with nuts, almonds, pistachios and others in assortments of nuts or even, we can find them in some granola or other confectionery products used as such. However, peanuts are called nuts but in reality they are legumes : we tell you why.

The properties and benefits of peanut

Peanuts are a source of vegetable protein source (30% approximately) and of healthy fats for the organism, being able to surpass 40 grams of fats per 100 of peanuts and for that reason it is next to soy , an oily legume.

In addition, it has complex carbohydrates around 20% and a high fiber content as well as various minerals such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and B vitamins as well as vitamin E.

Its consumption can easily provide satiety to the body, not only because it requires chewing but because it is a difficult food to digest and with many proteins and fiber that are the nutrients that most satiate .

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In addition, because of its richness in unsaturated fatty acids, the peanut as part of a balanced diet can be helpful in preventing or controlling various metabolic diseases, according to a study published in 2015 .

Thus, its regular intake has been associated with less obesity, but it could also help prevent diabetes, cancer or other diseases where inflammatory processes are part of their origin.

Why are they called nuts?

Due to its origin, the peanuts that are born in a pod are a legume , it distinguishes it from other legumes, its richness in fats because it is oily but also, its greater contribution of proteins and its considerably lower hydrate content.

Thus, due to its nutritional qualities it is very similar to nuts that generally have more fats and proteins than carbohydrates compared to legumes.

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On the other hand, the peanut is a food that does not require soaking or cooking for a long time as most of the legumes do, but simply roasting it and removing its shell can be consumed and this is another similarity with nuts.

Although the peanut has many more proteins than nuts, hazelnuts or almonds , it can be considered a dry fruit in nutritional terms, although it is actually a legume.

We can consume it as such as a healthy snack or elaborate with its processing a peanut butter that we can then use to replace butter or cream for a variety of preparations, thus achieving healthier and more satisfying dishes.

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