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How to Create Your Own DIY Home Photo Studio

diy home photo studio

DIY Home Photo Studio Are you creating wonderful masterpieces out of your camera and want them to be fully developed? And you don’t have the means to hire a professional photographer, or a professional photo studio? Don’t worry, today we have a perfect cost friendly solution for you, we will …

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Get Rid of Garden Weed Organically

home garden

Make Your Own DIY Weed Killer   Summer season clicks with a bloom in your gardens, but unfortunately, your flowers and veggies are not the only plants that are so keenly waiting for this time of the year. There are a few garden invaders that you must not allow to …

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DIY Camping – How to Create Fire Starters

diy fire starters

3 Useful Ways to Create Fire Starters for Your Next Camping Trip Guys, when you go out to the wild and take a trip to the nature’s wonderful offerings, there need to be a few things that you must learn to make your trip memorable. Creating a fire is the …

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DIY Photography – Shooting Nature with Smart Phone

nature photography

How to Shoot Nature with Smart Phone Once a good man said “Perfect timing is the key to achieve big goals”, so is the case with photography. A good photograph does not carry expensive equipment behind it, but a perfect timing is what it takes to capture an unforgettable moment. …

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Welcome To DIY Somo

Welcome to DIY Somo

Welcome to DIY Somo – Your ultimate destination to learn about things that you can do yourself! Hello and Welcome to DIY Somo, this the very first post of blog! A year ago, we were struck with a simple idea to elaborate ourselves to the outside world through the ever-infested …

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