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An original DIY shoe-holder you make yourself

An original DIY shoe-holder you make yourself: Do you dare to prepare it?

Having the shoes neat , clean and always ready to arrive and put is a challenge for many. Boxes of shoes and bags are used to store these accessories on furniture, when they are not collected directly under the bed.

To avoid losing time on a day-to-day basis, the best thing to do is to have a shoemaker that helps us to have in view the shoes that we use the most, and that also serves as a decorative element, just like with this original shoe-holder you do self and cylinder shape that we bring you today from the hand of Bosch.

Shall we start?

Bosch Hg Shoe Stand List Of Materials

To begin, draw a line on the wooden cylinder that will serve as the central element of the shoe-holder. This guide will help us to put the drumsticks later. Also take the opportunity to mark the points where these will be introduced.

Bosch Hg Shoe Stand Step 1

The next step, once all the points are marked, will be to drill the holes using the EasyDrill 1200 screwdriver, taking into account the perimeter of the drumsticks head before drilling to fit properly.

Bosch Hg Shoe Stand Step 2

Have you already made the holes? So, now we will have to place the feet of the shoe-holder to raise it and give it the right height, using the EasyCut 12 battery powered multi-purpose saw.

Bosch Hg Shoe Stand Step 3

To finish, it will only be necessary to insert the supports for the shoes and the legs in the holes that we have prepared previously. To get a better grip, it is best to place a bit of wood glue on the sticks.

Bosch Hg Shoe Stand Step 5

Following these simple steps you will have at home a comfortable and decorative shoe-holder with a very natural air perfect to leave on it from sneakers to high heels.

Do you dare to have one like that?

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