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Open doors: A perfect apartment for a newly retired couple

The changes of life cycles are always a good opportunity to make a change in the decoration of the home. In fact, we can not think of a better way to face a new stage in life.

This is precisely what the owners of this apartment in Israel thought, who, recently retired, decided to make a comprehensive reform of their 95 m2 apartment to face and enjoy the new stage to the fullest.

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The Studio ETN, an Israeli architectural firm specialized in urban residential design, was entrusted with the reform.

The new needs of the couple included making the house more accessible, having a rest room and a balcony for breakfast for them and their families.

The Studio ETN decided to eliminate one of the rooms and design a house with a modern and clean style playing with straight lines and, above all, with white, gray and black colors. A chromatic range that is repeated in all spaces and that is very successful to create a current and neutral scene.

The game of colors continues in the kitchen where the front that collects the work areas contrasts with the side of high cabinets in matt black.

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The bathroom of an exquisite simplicity, is tiled with square white tiles and generates very careful lines with black joints, which continue in the empty black space of the niche and its shelves.

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In the living room and the resting room, the furniture is modern and contemporary in the same way as the dining room where the three suspended lamps stand out (similar to the Ginger de Marset, on the round table.)

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And attention to the beautiful balcony with the shelving for plants from roof to floor, an idea to sign up.

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A surprisingly modern result while functional but whose clean lines still allow the couple to incorporate their own style in the space as in the bedroom, perhaps the space where this personality is most appreciated.

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In any case, it seems like a perfect place for the couple to enjoy a happy retirement, a moment in which more than ever, you can live and enjoy a house.

Planning, design and supervision of the project Eitan Cohen, Studio ETN Credits of images of Shay Epstein

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