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Odrive-how to keep our files organized in different cloud storage services

Odrive: How to keep our files organized in different cloud storage services

An application to keep organized all the files that we have stored in different services of the cloud. It seems very long, and little confusing, the explanation, but it is the best way with which we can define Odrive.

Knowing that today many users use more than one cloud storage service, the people of Oxygen Cloud started to think about a solution; Odrive allows us to synchronize a lot of accounts of various services, as well as some social networks, so that all our files can be organized in a single folder.

To use it, it will be enough to download your respective client, once this is done we access the services of storage in the cloud, or social networks, that we want to synchronize, and that’s it, a folder will be created in our computer that will contain individual folders of the synchronized services.

Already one manually choose which files or folders are those that want to keep on your computer, so that your hard drive does not suffer from space to have downloaded all contents of the different services . If you are wondering which of these will be compatible, they are: Dropbox, Drive, OneDrive, Gmail, Salesforce, and Box, as well as Facebook, and Instagram.

Odrive today is working in beta, and in fact they give notice that some errors could be found when doing the synchronizations, but still it seems a good opportunity to have a look and verify how it works; also nothing we lose, since it is totally free . Yes, all under personal responsibility.

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