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Nine products that we usually include in the diet to lose weight and that can make you fat

Nine products that we usually include in the diet to lose weight and that can make you fat

At the moment of losing weight, our diet is the first thing that we usually modify, including foods that we consider healthier and reducing at the same time the insane . However, we can often confuse ourselves by classifying as healthy or not, that’s why we show you nine products that seem healthy but can boycott your diet to lose weight .

Soft drinks

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If you are a regular consumer of sugary sodas you have surely opted for a light or sugar-free version when losing weight. However, although light soft drinks do not have sugars inside (most of them), they are equally harmful to health and also to lose weight effectively.

The artificial sweeteners that they include have been associated with more hunger and also the consumption of soft drinks is linked to greater abdominal fat in different studies, which is why these are not good alternatives when losing weight.

A better option is natural infusions (without sweetening), homemade flavored waters with fresh herbs or whole fruits , or other alternatives that have flavor but are free of addictive substances and harmful to health.

Flavored yogurts flavors

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The yogurts skimmed by having less fat and calories than the traditional version are often chosen when losing weight. However, those who have flavors are not the best alternative of all.

The flavored yogurts have more sugar than a sweetened yogurt , this is different additions that often include to accentuate the palatability of the product. So, if we want to reduce the added sugars of the diet and thus favor weight loss, rather than look at the fat in yogurts, it is convenient to look at the content of sugars (non-natural additives) that they include.

The alternatives without added sugar and natural will always be better option .

Fry of low-fat turkey breast

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The turkey breast is one of the best sources of lean protein for our body, but the processed version or the turkey breast is not the same at all .

So much so that even the options “low in fat” contain added sugars among its ingredients and exaggerated salt amounts as we can see for example in the Campofrío product .

As if that were not enough, they have flavor enhancers such as monosodium glutamate derivatives that can be addictive and that has also been linked to an increase in appetite . Therefore, turkey breast meat, even low-fat, is not a good alternative when losing weight, but instead better go to turkey or chicken breasts fresh and boiled to cut into slices and add to our dishes.

Fitness cereals or granola

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Among all the commercial breakfast cereals that we have at our disposal, we find those with words such as “fitness”, “balance”, “balance” or others that form an idea of ​​healthy, balanced and suitable product to include in a diet to lose weight.

However, they are only ultra-processed with a different nutritional profile, often with more fiber and less fat, but equally full of free sugars that do not favor weight loss and that for many reasons we should avoid in our usual diet if we seek to take care of Health.

In addition, they are foods with high sodium content and do not satiate as they do comprehensive options such as oats , quinoa , bran or germs, among other options less processed and without added sugars.

Fast food salads

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If we go to a fast food trade and we are trying to lose weight, we will surely opt for the salads that are sold there. However, they can be much more caloric than we think , they may even have more calories than French fries .

Also, they can hide a lot of fats of poor quality, sugars if they have added sauces or even, a lot of sodium that in the long term in excess can favor a higher consumption of calories and, therefore, lead to excess weight.

The best in his replacement will be homemade salads, homemade and suitable to move in a tupper to any side.

Cookies rich in fiber, light or enriched

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Beyond that we find a variety of biscuits at our disposal, all constitute an ultra-processed and industrial bakery , which is why an option whose quality leaves much to be desired .

They can contain a lot of added sugars and refined flours or possessing poor quality fats as they can be trans fats and palm oil we should avoid if we take care of health while losing weight.

In addition, they are not easily sated and tend to concentrate many calories , therefore, it is best to replace them with homemade options without added sugars to your interior and with quality fats, as well as whole grains that favor satiety.

Honey or syrups

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Table sugar is one of the foods that we usually reduce or avoid when we seek to lose weight . However, in its replacement is often the use of honey or syrups under the belief that being natural is better or healthier.

Although it is true that these alternatives are not only calories but may have vitamins and minerals beneficial to the body, both honey and vegetable syrups are free sugars that we should avoid in our diet.

That is, they are easily absorbed, they do not satisfy and in excess they can harm us just like sugar . They also provide exactly the same calories as white, refined sugar.

Therefore, it is best to sweeten with whole foods (bananas, dates or similar) or opt for natural sweeteners without glucose or fructose , such as stevia.

Frozen yogurt

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Summer is here and we all want an ice cream, but if we want to lose weight, we usually choose healthier options such as frozen yogurt or yogurt ice cream .

First of all, as we said before, not all yogurts are healthy or good alternatives for weight loss and, on the other hand, frozen yogurts are ice cream and therefore double in calories and sugars to traditional yogurt, being more a food to moderate and limit than a suitable option. To lose weight.

In his replacement we recommend going to ice creams without added sugars and only based on natural ingredients, without toppings or other additions that can also add fats, sugar and calories to the dish.

Food substitutes


They are another type of ultra – processed that are usually used, and much, to lose weight. Its usefulness is that they replace a complete meal (in terms of nutrients) but with much fewer calories and saving us the time to cook.

However, both shakes and substitute food bars can contain many added sugars in their composition or even, have poor quality fats such as palm oil .

On the other hand, do not have too much volume and therefore do not satisfy as if it would a meal based on real foods with equal caloric intake, therefore, do not favor food reeducation and therefore, are not good allies at the time of slim down.

These are nine products that seem healthy but can boycott our attempts to lose weight , so we recommend avoiding consumption to lose weight while taking care of health.

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