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Migo is the perfect 3D printer if you do not have space at home

Migo is the perfect 3D printer if you do not have space at home

The main reason why you do not already have a 3D printer at home is the space they usually occupy and find a suitable place. It is not easy to dedicate a space and less if we want to have it in a ventilated place.

All this can change with Migo, a 3D printer that seeks funding on Kickstarterand that has an excellent ratio of printer size and maximum printing volume. And it also has a very interesting price.

Migo L ss a somewhat special portable 3D printer. With an aluminum chassis and external dimensions of 185x235x325 mm it is capable of printing pieces up to 150 x 150 x 150 mm , a challenge for its size. In addition, it only weighs 2.5 kg and can be carried anywhere even in a backpack.

Some of the excellent features of Migo

It has a USB-C connector for both data transmission and power supply. We can also transmit our files for Wi-Fi printing.

If we want a portable printer, the self-leveling of the printing platform is more than important. Migo has a self-leveling system with nine points that make the adjustment task automatic. It also has a resolution between 50 and 400 microns to make high quality prints.

Some details of the Migo printer

To make matters worse, we can replace the print head with another laser engraving , so we have a great two-in-one system for the maker. The replacement of the head is really simple considering the Kickstarter video.

Migo - Examples

And, to curl the curl, Migo has a built- in camera with which we can see the status of our printing on the mobile. It also has an information screen. I do not see the possibility of a Timelapse but it is probably contemplated in the options.

The financing options start with the Migo model for 184 euros, with a smaller print size and the Migo L model for 267 euros , a bargain because it will go on sale at a price of 799 dollars. If we want the laser engraving head we will have to pay 80 euros more.

Supports PLA, ABS, Nylon, PETG and other printing materials, has a friendly software called Migo Xmaker that allows us to create our own models and print STL / SLC / OBJ objects.

I’m going to have to hide the credit card because the desire to get a Migo L is pretty big. Of course, we will have to be patient because according to those responsible for Migo the first models will arrive in mid-2018 . Migo has gotten his financing and he really deserves it.

More information | Kickstarter

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