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Midnight Snacks: Find Out The Best Things to Eat Before Bed

Snacks That Would Help You Sleep

Ever wondered, what are the best things to eat before bed?

In order to find out, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions.


Did you ever wake up in the middle of the night?


Staring at the refrigerator and looking for something to grab and go back to bed again?

Don’t worry, all of us have been through the same!

Mostly you’d settle down with a chocolate bar, a delicious piece of cake or our beloved chips, thinking that it’s a salad. So, we end up eating what we refrained from consuming the entire day and disturb our perfect diet plan.

The problems for parents are even more.

They’ve not just themselves but also their little one’s who feel cranky with the same midnight craving.
Why’re we not able to go straight to bed?

Why do we end up in front of the fridge, which is while looking at the time, the least likely where you should be!

Effects of Bad Sleep

As we all know bad sleep is an evil in itself, and can cause us multiple problems like:

– Tiredness throughout the next day

– Lack of concentration at work

– Impaired ability to solve problems

– Cardiac disease

– Reduced libido

– Excessive weight gain

– Ageing skin

– Depression

– Diabetic problems


Source: Fix.com

The Curse of Taking Snacks at Midnight

There might be two things, one, you had dinner early but you’ve a habit of going to bed late, two, you were not able to consume a proper meal. Whatever the reason may be, the midnight craving of getting something to eat is very common among people of all ages. The problem doesn’t lie in just consuming unplanned meals or your habits. These midnight eating habits cause a very drastic effect on our sleeping patterns too.

It is essentially important for our body to properly digest the food that we take right before we retire to bed. This digestive process involves metabolism that keeps us awake and causes a release of energy. This energy burst makes us hyper-active while reducing our tendency to sleep for the much required 8 hours that our body needs. To add up to this, late night meals also increase the tendency for our bodies to risks such as increased acid reflux, heart-burning, and indigestion.

As mentioned above lack of a good night sleep can cause serious problems, which could range from mental and psychological concerns to those of a physical nature. Chronic sleep-deprivation leads to insomnia, which is a more serious condition that should be avoided and treated critically. If we take all the above-mentioned risks in consideration, then it is of extreme importance that we consider our midnight snacks and habits associated to eating at night.

Midnight Snacks That Would Prevent a Good Night Sleep

It’s very important to have a good night meal, but it’s also greatly important not to eat things that result in disruption of our sleep. Many snacks that we are most likely to grab would result in loss of sleep.

Avoid taking sugary, spicy, fatty, alcoholic and spicy thing before going to bed. These are wrong things and must always be avoided to improve your health and sleeping habits. Spicy foods take a lot to get properly digested and cause heartburn and stomach problems. Fatty foods also take while to get entirely digested because they’ve oil. They also give you a discomfort that can result in sleeplessness.


Source: Fix.com

Ever wondered why you woke up in the middle of the night?

It’s that sugary drink that you took right before sleeping!

You know how?

These sugary things spike our blood sugar level and when certainly they come to a downward point, it causes you to wake up in the middle of the night.

Avoid them at all costs!

If you’re an abundant caffeine consumer, then think again about the times that you’re taking your night coffee. There are other things too that have caffeine in them, avoid taking green tea, dark chocolate and caffeinated items close to your bed time.

Last but not the least, alcohol can also cause us to get up in the middle of the night. It also causes a lot of toilet trips. Avoid taking it near your sleep time to make it less restless.

Best Things to Eat Before Bed

The best food intake before going to sleep should have a nutritional value of proteins and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates release sufficient amount of serotonin, which is required in our blood to reduce our stress level and help us sleep. The importance of proteins if they’re taken before going to bed relies on the fact that they provide us with the required amount of energy. Along with that, proteins provide the much-needed feeling of fullness till the morning.

Midnight Snacks to Try:

– Fiber rich cereal along with milk

– Whole wheat crackers

– Cheese

– Avocado toasts

– Bananas

– Peanut butter

– Dry fruits

– Greek yogurt

– Almond butter on whole wheat bread

– Pistachios


Source: Fix.com

Remaining full for the night must be your prime target. You can have a glass of water or a hot-drink, which is not caffeinated. This can provide you with that feeling of fullness, but bear in mind that it can also cause the toilet trips.

Midnight Snacks: Important Tips

  • Try keeping your snack small and very light. When we’re eating something, the feeling of fullness is not felt instantly. This allows us to keep on eating and go on the dark side of midnight snacking habits. Always take small meals, specially before going to bed. Avoid the feeling of heaviness and have a good night sleep.
  • You must always define a time of taking a meal. Be it a small snack, you must not compromise your eating habits by eating at unplanned timings. It’s very important to give time between a meal and your bed-time. This gives your body ample time to digest your consumed meal before you lie in a horizontal stance. When you lie down, it gets very difficult for the body to digest heavy food. Therefore, timing and gap are very important.
  • Apart from considering the best things to eat before bed, you should also take maximum care of oral hygiene. Regularly brush your teeth before going to bed. This will limit the late-night snacks to wreck any sort of havoc on oral health.
  • Readily available snacks like a pack of chips, a chocolate bar or a drink are not your perfect friends to consume before sleeping. In order to avoid them, dedicate some time to prepare some healthy snack that you can consume to fulfil your midnight craving.


Source: Fix.com

Sticking to healthy foods can provide you with a much-needed escape from following these unplanned meal encounters. Take plenty of water along with a variety of healthy diet options. Stick to a reasonable serving that doesn’t make you extremely bloated, while also fulfilling your basic requirement. If you wake up in the middle of the night with that craving that made you stare the fridge in the past, then it’s not the end of the world. Your self-prepared healthy meal will help you with you need while being the amongst the best things to consume before bed.

Don’t forget to share your midnight cravings with us, and do share how these tips went out for you.

Take healthy foods to develop healthy eating habits..

Happy Midnight Snacking!


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