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Micro-Cement as a Solution to Reform Your Bathroom Without Major Renovation Works

Micro Cement as a Solution to Reform Your Bathroom Without Major Renovation Works

One of the most useful solutions for remodeling your bathroom without works is the application of microcement. Micro-cement can be applied over existing tiling without the need to chop the bathroom and is one of the materials that is evolving in recent times, expanding its range of colors so that it is not limited to the classic gray.

The advantages of applying micro-cement to a bathroom

  • You save the works of elimination and the destruction of tiling.
  • It avoids the dust that generates the demolition of the tile in addition to the noise of chopping the walls. Your neighbors will also appreciate it.
  • It can be applied on all surfaces, tiles, ceramics, marble, cement mortars, DM boards, plaster, etc. and has a thickness on the surface of between 2 to 3 mm, which must be taken into account because they are millimeters that are “lose” of the total space.
  • The microcement is porous but it is valid for wet surfaces thanks to the application of a sealant that makes it waterproof.
  • It is a continuous material, without joints, which generates a sense of spaciousness because there are no visual “cuts”.
  • There are more and more options and ranges of colors in the market, to choose the one you most want.
Topciment Color RangeScreen Capture 2018 04 08 At 17 58 01
Topciment.com’s Color Range

You can also choose the finish of the varnish so that the final result is: Matt which generates a dull appearance and generates a rustic touch; Satin creates an effect very similar to that of the “normal” paint perfect for urban bathrooms or; with brightness if what you prefer is a more luxurious effect.

Bathroom renovated by Egue and Mushroom
Futurcret microcemento white
Santine Different Baths Satine 01
Satinebanos Satine Stone

Many advantages and few disadvantages , except for the loss of the millimeters of the surfaces. Another great advantage is being able to make washbasins, bathtubs or shower trays with the same material, giving a feeling of unity and continuity to the bathroom. It is the perfect solution moon to make a work shower.

I personally also like the change that involves not having the classic tiles in the bathroom, but to taste the colors.

And you, what do you think of this finish for your bathrooms? Would you put it in your bathroom?

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