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Why is losing volume more important than losing weight?

When we want to lose weight or look slimmer, we become very obsessed with the scale, with weaning kilos week after week, and yet, it is more important to lose volume than to lose weight to look better in the mirror and to make our clothes look better. Losing weight and losing volume are different concepts and the way to achieve it is also very different. Do you know what the differences are and how to achieve these two different objectives?

Lose weight

Many slimming diets have a strong calorie restriction and cardio workouts that make us sweat (with sports such as running, spinning or swimming). The idea is to ” burn calories ” to be subtracting kilos, a very strict concept that is difficult to maintain in the long term.

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And yes, the caloric deficit can make us lose weight in a short space of time (at the cost of going hungry), but in the long run it can make us enter the metabolic tomb, that is, our metabolism slows down because it has become accustomed to the diet and there comes a time when we do not lose more weight for very little we eat. That’s when we get desperate, throw in the towel, and can lead to a dangerous rebound effect.

We are obsessed with what our scale marks, when in reality, our weight can fluctuate for very different reasons, for example, we can gain weight if we are holding liquids just before the period comes. The miracle diets lead us to lose weight in a short time, at the expense of losing muscle mass and water, which makes us more tired, more irritable, but they do not make us lose weight in the long term.

Lose volume

Instead of weighing us every day, if we want to check progress in our weight loss plan, we should be more aware of losing volume and, therefore, of losing fat in our body. For this instead of weighing us, we can take measurements with a tape measure, check our volume in chest, waist, hips, contour arms and legs, write it down in the agenda and see how it evolves over time. To lower of volume yes is a good indicative of which we are in the good way to lose weight.

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And how do you manage to lose fat? It is a long-term goal, in which we prioritize a training plan that combines cardio with weights ( strength training will not make you more muscular, but help to reduce volume ), and with a diet rich in vegetables and proteins. , whether they are animals or vegetables.

The ultimate goal: to lose weight

So if you want to lose weight in the long term, focus on losing volume and losing fat, and not so much on kilos. If we can change the percentage of body fat in our body, enhancing the muscle, our body will be more defined, more toned and more slender.

The fat weighs less than the muscle, but it takes much more space so if you train you can notice that you do not lose weight, but your body is changing and you are lowering in size and reducing your volume.

So if you’re looking for long-term results, lose weight and stay slim and fit, your goal should be to lose volume and fat, while retaining muscle, and not so much weight loss.

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