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a vertical garden-Optimus Garden-a modular, clean and efficient solution to grow your plants at home

If you are looking forward to having a vertical garden you will love Optimus Garden: A modular, clean and efficient solution to grow your plants at home

Optimus Garden is born, an intelligent vertical garden that allows the cultivation of plants and vegetables, without soil

If you have little outdoor space but you dream of growing your own aromatic plants and small fruit trees with which to supply you (mint, parsley, strawberries, cherry tomatoes …), Optimus Garden may be the perfect solution .

In the company Optimus Garden are convinced of the benefits of gardening in an urban lifestyle and that you have to support local and sustainable farming, without putting water reserves at risk.


Therefore, they have created a vertical garden system based on hydroponics. The Optimus Garden, allows the cultivation without land and the reuse of water in the irrigation system.

Thanks to this, the cultivation process is simplified and the roots of the plant receive continuously the water and nutrients that it needs, without any type of limitation. “Hydroponic technology, together with the sun in southern Spain, has made the country the main market in Europe”, explains Damien Krack, Managing Director of Optimus Garden.

Optimus Garden aims to bring this system closer to urban use and has created a modular, functional and ecological system, whose design hangs on the wall and adapts to the space (home, office, school, shops, restaurants), which makes it possible to maintain a unique vertical garden , intended for commercial use in large and small establishments, as well as in a particular way, for the consumption of families .


The structure of the garden is modular and consists of several carcasses (pots), which are placed on top of each other, and hooked to a rail that is placed on the wall to form the garden. Once installed, the circuit has a self-watering system through a closed circuit. Only one point of light (plug) is necessary for its operation.

The Optimus Garden has an autonomy of 2 to 3 weeks thanks to the integrated water tank , in which the mineral salts that will be the nutrients of the plants have been incorporated. The irrigation system allows to supply water and nutrients directly to the roots which increases the natural growth of the plants in approximately 17 days.

The system is very comfortable, effective, natural, clean (without dirt), adaptable, accessible and customizable. Because the garden can be configured depending on the surface you have.

In this video, they explain the whole process.


Optimus Garden comes in two formats. A basic one in which the water tank is placed in a drawer and the housings or pots are placed on the wall and a second format, in which the water circuit is located in the back of the pots, which allows to hang the whole system as a picture to the wall.

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The water circuit is closed so that no moisture is generated behind the wall in which it is placed. The ideal, at the moment, is to place it on an exterior wall or an interior that receives plenty of light , although they are working on a system that incorporates lighting so that you can place it anywhere in the house and not give up a green dot in your room. home.

For now, a small wall on the balcony will suffice to place it. The size of your terrace will not be an excuse to give up your urban garden or garden but, in the absence of outside space, a bright wall in the kitchen can be perfect to include a green dot, which can also help us cook.

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And the lack of knowledge or time with the plants will not be an excuse either, because Optimus Garden can become your ‘personal gardener’ by reminding you through the App, which will be available and fully operational in September 2018, when you have to refuel water in the tank, and offering clear indications of the dosage of nutrients to add. In addition, being an intelligent garden equipped with a light sensor, it will indicate (as if it were a gardener) whether the conditions both inside and outside the home, are ideal for plants.


Its multiple advantages and its ease of use make you run out of excuses for not having a vertical garden.

More information OptimusGarden.com

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