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This Logitech Stylus Allows You To Design And Create 3D Objects In Virtual Reality

This Logitech Stylus Allows You To Design And Create 3D Objects In VR

The virtual reality is designed generally to enjoy products designed and programmed from a desktop machine, and in that sense, although the market has slowed compared to a few years ago, we still find new and fresh proposals as Oculus Quest and Valve Index.

Logitech, on the other hand, thinks that from the area in which it is specialized, peripherals, there should also be tools for creators, and has presented Logitech VR Ink Pilot, a stylus that can be used both in two dimensions in virtual reality, as well as drawing on a notebook or a table, as in the “virtual air” in three dimensions, how to draw on a lectern, but with a support that is only your imagination and all the virtual space that you have.

A “mouse” for the era of virtual reality, when we saw each other in Minority Report

Now, the most widespread controls for Oculus or HTC / Valve virtual reality were designed for games, so they do not feel too comfortable in proposals like Logitech does. The VR Ink allows you to draw with the ergonomics of a pencil, pen or brush, just like what the stylus of tablets and graphics tablets want to achieve.

In the video, Logitech teaches the advantages that, according to them, it contributes to design 3D elements directly in virtual reality, as they show in the case of a car or a vertical take-off and landing vehicle, whose chassis we can visualize how the lines are drawn. Virtual reality allows here, as graphics tablets with a screen achieved years ago, to directly manipulate the elements as if we were touching them.

The Logitech VR Ink Pilot has a pointer capable of detecting pressure (they do not mention how many levels) to draw on surfaces such as boards, but also a button to manipulate elements and a comfortable grip. Minority Report imagined a world where all these physical elements were not necessary, but over the years it has remained as a futuristic vision without support in reality.

Designing directly in virtual reality helps creatively and streamlines deadlines, according to its creators

The VR Ink Pilot also leaves doubts as, for example, how long a person can be drawing lines standing and in the air, with the hand raised and without resistance, until the fatigue takes its toll. In any case, its battery is two and a half hours, so it is not thought, for now, for long days of work.

These and other questions will not be answered by users soon, because the company has not announced availability or launch dates to the market. What Logitech is going to do at the moment is to launch a limited number of the stylus to companies in the sector, such as Sector 5 Digital, Vector Suite and HTC VIVE. Another problem apart from the lack of availability is that it will only be compatible with the monitoring offered by the solutions that work with Steam, that is, Live, Live Pro and Valve Index. Therefore, without news of Oculus Quest and previous models of the Facebook signature.

Via | The Verge

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