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Linoleum carpets for lovers of hydraulic flooring, without the need to do works

If you like the geometric designs and the style of the hydraulic tiles but you do not plan to do works to install it at home, you are lucky. Now you have at your disposal a wide range of hydraulic designs in formats of linoleum or vinyl carpets.

Yes. You’ve heard correctly, linoleum or vinyl carpets that mimic the design and the usual quartering of the hydraulic floor that, in addition to their designs, have multiple advantages.

Because these linoleum carpets, sold in Mamut Big Design, are waterproof, fire retardant and very easy to clean, which makes them ideal for spaces like kitchens.

Eclectic Gray Kitchen 480x
Garnet Retro Kitchen W 480x

They are also antiallergic and super resistant, so in the rooms of the little ones are a great option as a playground.

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And how about an easy space to clean for your pets?

Stone Dog W 480x
Warm Lamp New 480x
Water Books W 480x
Salon Cairo W 480x
Salon W 480x
Grape Sofa Ww 480x
Eclectic Bano Reduced R 2 480x

In addition to being able to choose from its wide range of designs you can also choose the size that best suits your space because they are customizable. You only have to think where you want to place them.

Via Mamut Big Design

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