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Do it yourself-LEGO heads made with pumpkins

Do it yourself: LEGO heads made with pumpkins

The month of October is to decorate pumpkins and make crafts designed to celebrate in the best way on Halloween . But we do not want all the years to be the same, we like to find new and original proposals to decorate in these parties and today we bring you a great DIY in that sense: turning pumpkins into LEGO heads .

It has a great advantage and is that to make this project you do not have to empty the pumpkins which is one of the most complicated and laborious aspects of most handicrafts with pumpkins , here we just need a little paint and wanting to have a fun time. alone or, even better, in the company of the smallest of the house.

Legopumpkins Supplies 690

In the image above these lines you can see the necessary materials for this project. The idea can not be simpler, we just have to get the pumpkin that has the most suitable shape for our DIY and paint it all yellow. We also paint a plastic lid of some bottle that we recycle and then stick on top and once the yellow paint dries, we will only need to decorate with black and red details to get the face that we like the most.

What do you think of the idea?

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