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nice and functional indoor drying rack that can be placed in any room of the house

At last! A nice and functional indoor drying rack that can be placed in any room of the house

When it is closed it looks like an elegant decorative element on the wall and when it is open, it becomes a sculpture but it is as practical as a clothesline.

I have confessed on some occasion that I like discovering “inventions” or new solutions to the simplest things. In this case I look at it and can only think why it had not happened to anyone before?

Studioberg Foldwork 7 1

Practical, elegant, beautiful and multifunction. Because they present it as a coat rack or clothes hanger or clothesline, and I am more inclined to give it this last function because (as far as I know), there are no systems to hang clothes or nice clotheslines.

The design of this sensational product is the work of STUDIO BERG, a berlin design studio that says “weaving artistic approaches with everyday artifacts” and this drying rack that was originally developed for the exhibition ‘Room With Its Own Rules ‘ in Chamber NYC, demonstrates that so is.

Its design looks like an abstract wall sculpture that transforms from a linear to three-dimensional drawing and, when it opens, recalls the idea of ​​an expanded altarpiece. The clothes rack named TRIPTYCH (triptych) belongs to the FOLDWORK collection.

The initial idea of ​​the FOLDWORK collection was to create unattended and functional products in our home, with a new look and give them their own personality to take them from the kitchens or clotheslines to our living rooms.

And in this case, and so much that they have achieved it. The Triptych is such a beautiful design that you can place it in your living room, in the entrance or in the bedroom .

If you also have a heat source nearby (radiator) you will get a quick drying of the clothes with the advantage of not having to cover the radiators, which means loss of thermal capacity.

The extended Triptych has dimensions of 222 x 112 x 7 cm – and comes in brass, or in black-green.

The drawback is that I have only found this page where to buy it, and it is an art gallery . Its price is closer to a work of art than to a clothesline (approximately 2,000 euros)

Studioberg Foldwork Triptych

Information and images Via Studio Berg

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