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Kindle Paperwhite 2018, Analysis: The reader who resists and will resist over the years

The king has returned. We have analyzed many readers of electronic books with bets from very valid competitors such as Kobo, but in which reader is usually thought by default when someone talks about an e-reader? Well surely in the Amazon Kindle. And today we will see it again after Amazon has updated Paperwhite after three years.

The appearance of this new model of Kindle Paperwhite is very similar to the previous model, but internally there are new details that are worth reviewing. And is that there may be new models, bets for more thinness or more screen … but this Kindle is called to be the best selling model in Amazon mainly for its price. Let’s see all the news that hides inside.

Kindle Paperwhite 2018, technical specifications

DIMENSIONS 167 x 116 x 8.2 millimeters
WEIGHT 182 grams (the LTE model weighs 191 grams)
SCREEN 6-inch (300 dpi) electronic ink with 5 integrated reading lights
STORAGE 8 or 32 GB
WATERPROOF Yes (IPX8 specification, it resists depths from 2 meters to 60 minutes)
DRUMS “Weeks with a single charge”
CONNECTIVITY Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n ( Wifi 4 ), free access to 4G network as an option
PRICE 129 euros (8GB version with Wi-Fi)
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Components

This new Paperwhite is somewhat lighter than its predecessor (205 to 182 grams). The difference may be small, but that smaller weight can be noticed if we are the ones we hold the reader for hours. But perhaps the best part of this update is the resistance to water, which allows us to forget about taking the Kindle to the beach or the pool.

Apart from that, it is also worth noting the possibility of obtaining the Kindle with a free 4G connection to download books, which allows us to forget to use a Wi-Fi network on that device wherever we are (even in our home). A connection like this already allows us to download e-books quickly, something that travelers will especially appreciate.

Design: it continues with the same thing but it works

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite OasisThe new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (right) next to the Kindle Oasis (left)

If you have the Kindle Papwerhite of the previous generation and want to switch to the new one for a change of aesthetics, give up. The appearance of both models is the same, they could almost be the same looking at a mirror. It’s when you take it that you can notice a difference. Its rubberized back has a nicer feel and slightly more rounded edges add comfort and extra grip.

The dimensions, the frames and the 6-inch screen have not changed at all, nor is it much needed. Maybe if you take time with a high-end reader like the Oasis now the frames of Paperwhite seem excessive, but for the rest of users it will be the same. And that’s not bad, because the pixel density of your panel is the same as all high-end readers. Paperwhite laid the foundation from its beginnings and now simply perpetuates them.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite PortsThe Kindle Paperwhite continues with the MicroUSB port for charging and the on / off button, nothing more.

We also have the same on / off button on the side of the lower edge of the device, next to the charging port by MicroUSB. Here, being as we are in 2018, I miss a more modern type of connector such as the USB-C to move away from this standard that is gradually being left behind.

Probably you will never be able to fill the 32 GB of storage that you can have with the new Kindle Paperwhite

There is no other physical button on the device. We depend on the touch screen to turn the page (which is not necessarily negative) and touch up the reading settings to our liking. Its use is the same as always: touch in the left area to go to the previous page, touch in the right area to go to the next page and touch in the upper area to access the book menu and available settings.

By the way, another interesting change is the substantial increase in storage up to 8 or 32 GB. As ebooks usually occupy very little space having less space available was not a problem, but with this increase Amazon may have allowed us to literally forget to monitor if we fill the Kindle. You probably never get it, especially in the 32 GB model.

Autonomy: More than enough even for avid readers

Amazon does not specify the mAh that has the battery of the new Kindle Paperwhite, but it is not necessary. As in any other e-book reader, you have to talk about weeks of autonomy, thanks to the fact that the electronic ink screen has a much lower energy consumption than conventional LCD or OLED screens.

If you want a more accurate measurement, Amazon tells us that you can hold “up to six weeks” using the reader half an hour a day, without Wi-Fi and with the brightness at level 13. But I insist: with battery for so many days the best you can to do is carefree. You can leave the weekend with the Kindle without its charger and you will not have any problems. The load, by the way, lasts about three hours.

Screen: Small and portable with the pixel density perfect for all

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Totoro

Now that both Amazon and other brands have launched to try screens up to 8 inches, the Kindle Paperwhite screen may seem small. But it is the “sacrifice” to make if you want a reader at a low price, and it must be said that the reader’s 6 inches make it small and very practical to carry even in your pockets.

Something that we would have been happy to have seen is a reduction of the frames to have a slightly larger screen , although that may have pushed up the price of the Kindle Paperwhite. And that price is precisely one of its best assets, so it is also nothing serious that Amazon have decided to keep the screen always in its star reader.

Software: When everything can be done from the reader or from Amazon

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite StoreNo software: you can buy e-books from the same Kindle Paperwhite, or send them from the web itself.

Amazon does not even ask you to offer applications for desktop computers. You can use the USB connection to transfer books through third-party software, but the original idea of ​​the Kindle Paperwhite is to buy and download the books from the reader or from the Amazon website.

In the case of the web, the download is completely automatic whenever you log in with your Amazon account both there and on the Kindle: when buying an electronic book you have the direct option of downloading it in the reader. And optionally we also have the Kindle Unlimited service, which offers unlimited access to more than one million books for 9.99 euros per month. The rest of Amazon’s catalog of books, which totals 5.5 million, is achieved through regular purchases.

Where we can find a difference is in the loading of personal files . While with other readers it is possible, in Kindle Paperwhite there is no official way to load, say, a PDF with personal notes that we have created from another device and want to read using the electronic ink screen. You have to resort to unofficial methods, converting that PDF into electronic book format and using a program like Caliber.

Also keep in mind that in the Kindle interface ads appear if we buy the cheapest version of the device for 129 euros. The good news is that they appear just when they do not bother: when we put the reader to rest and the electronic ink screen can appear anything. They are not placed on menus, nor in books. It is not an intrusive advertising by any means, so we do not consider it a defect. Anyway, if you want to get rid of those ads that will appear when you do not pay attention to the Kindle, you can do it by paying an extra 10 euros (or you can place the Kindle in airplane mode, so you save battery and the software does not show ads because you can not download them of the server).

Kindle Paperwhite 2018: Our Opinion

Kindle PaperwhitePositive point for Amazon: the size of the box of this new Kindle Paperwhite is very small. And it is appreciated.

We have before us one of the most popular e-book readers in the world. It was born as a more expensive alternative and with a higher pixel density screen than the original Kindle, a screen that has ended up being the quality basis for all e-readers. Now the Kindle Paperwhite is the reader that everyone should take into consideration, especially those who have not yet jumped from traditional to electronic paper.

The Kindle Oasis, its most expensive alternative, offers us a larger screen and a reader with more robust materials designed to be held only with one hand. But in terms of software, and now that the Paperwhite can get wet, we are facing the same in both readers.

Your best weapon: The price. 129 euros (with ads when the screen is at rest) are very attractive for a reader who has the catalog of more than 5.5 million books from Amazon, and there is no limitation that makes us frown. The Kindle Papwerhite as such is something that will remain very present for a long time in large part for those reasons

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