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IKEA Limited Collection with Virgil Abloh

IKEA Limited Collection with Virgil Abloh

Ikea and Virgil Abloh (Louis Vuitton) design Makerad; A collection designed to furnish the homes of design lovers and present us with a preview of their promising pieces

One of the collections announced by Ikea last weekend during the Democratic Design Days was Makerad.

Makerad is the limited collection that Ikea has created in collaboration with the mutant Virgil Abloh , one of the designers of the moment who, after having created and led to the success of his Off-White brand , is now the creative director of Louis Vuitton Man .

In addition to being a designer, Abloh is also known for his facets as a DJ, producer or influencer. What less people know is that he is also a graduate in architecture.

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Ikea proposed to Virgil this collaboration for his great creative abilities and for the connection with the youngest ones.

In fact, the collection that Makerad is full of objects and furniture designed for young people who are preparing their first homes. Focused for millennials that although do not have a big budget, are aware and value design and art and conceive their home as something emotional and personal.

With Makerad, Virgil Abloh has tried to make everyday and essential objects for the home . Articles that are sitting, sleeping, working and storing things, but the functionality is partly because they are also works that have something to say, defying tradition.

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And is that Virgil has faced this collaboration as a challenge “Considering how huge this opportunity is, it is not enough for me to make any chair” he said at the time.

And he has really done more than just a chair; In fact, he has created a chair that stands out, that has everything (up to a door stop).

“When we put a door stop on one of the legs of a normal chair, we created something unexpected, an interruption,” says Virgil.

The chair is just one of the classics of furniture that has taken it to another level. The same applies to the collection in its entirety, be it the sofa bed, the table, the rug or any other item. Like the glass showcase that is transparent on all sides, for example.

It is a modern version of the Baroque Wunderkammer, a showcase of curiosities, or an exhibition case where people used to show their favorite articles to the world. The MARKERAD showcase consists basically of the same. Instead of hiding things, it encourages the opposite. It is designed so that you can place your icons -what you love- that can be your collection of sunglasses, sneakers or caps … in a visible place where you can see who you are.


“Virgil has a fantastic ability to work with essential functions and basic materials and create something new. Each MARKERAD item can be considered both a design object and an article with a high artistic value, “says Henrik Most, creative director of the next collection.

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At the moment all the pieces are prototypes that are perfecting but with the advance we could see in Älmhult we already anticipate that some of the pieces will be a success. Or else attention to chairs, carpets or bags , which will be an opportunity to get an Abloh design without paying Louis Vuitton prices.


The MARKERAD collection will be available for a limited time in 2019.

We will have to be attentive.

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