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How to Update Android Oreo in Xiaomi Mi Box and its six Most Important Novelties

Today we are going to talk to you about the new update to Android 8.0 Oreo of the Xiaomi Mi Box . It is not a small update, since it changes the interface’s appearance completely, and from now on you will control the content in a totally different way. Multimedia contents become the main protagonists, while applications as such go into the background.

Therefore, today we will start by explaining step by step how to update the My Box to Android Oreo . After, we will also tell you what are the main novelties that you will find in the new version of the operating system.

How to update your Mi Box to Android Oreo

Enter Settings

The first thing you have to do is go down at the bottom of the main menu. Just below all the content and applications, click on the Settings option to enter the device configuration.

Click on Information

Once you are inside the Settings menu , in the first row of options go to the right of the whole. There, select and click on the option Information , which is what gives you all the data of your device and where you can find the option to update.

Update The System

Within the Information menu , now click on the option Update the system, which is just the one that appears first.

to download

You will arrive at a screen where you should already see that there is an update of more than 600 megabytes, and in its description, even if you do not understand English, you will see that it mentions Android Oreo. Here you only have to click on the Download button , and the installation process of the update of your Mi Box will start.

Restart now

After a few minutes downloading, the button will change to ask you to reboot. Press the new Restart button now , and your My Box will turn off and on to apply the changes. After doing so, you will be a few more minutes updating the internal applications. Be patient and wait for it to end.

What’s new in Android Oreo for Mi Box

Start Menu New

The first news that you will notice as soon as the Mi Box is restarted with the new version of the operating system is that the start screen has been completely redesigned . Content now becomes the main protagonist and the only one that occupies space on the main screen, both with videos and live channels. In addition, you can also pick up reproductions that you left halfway where you stayed.


This content will be organized by channels . On the left you will have a list of channels, and on the right of each of them the content that you can see in each one. You can add or remove channels to your liking, and some applications may offer more than one. By the way, Android Oreo also gives the Mi Box native support for the picture inside picture , or PiP (picture in picture).


A new option called My list is added . You will be shown at the beginning of everything in the start menu before the channels, to it you can add content by pressing the action button on a movie. It’s a list similar to apps like Netflix, where you’ll add everything you want to see so you can remember it yourself.

Google Play

The My Box also adds the ability to watch movies or listen to music from Google Play with its compatibility with Google Play Movies and Google Play Music applications . Of course, remember that they are payment services in which you will have to pay for what you want to see or hear.

Lateral Menu

The settings menu also changes position . Instead of being hidden under the whole in the main menu, now you have its icon on the top right. In addition, pressing it will open as a pop-up menu, so it will be more convenient to navigate through it without having to change screens. In it is where all the apps will appear now.


Finally, the My Box also incorporates Google Assistant, although it is a somewhat limited version . Forget about asking him to sing or tell you jokes, because he will just look for content in the sources you have set up … and at the most to do some function like calculator. It should also allow you to control smart home devices from the TV.

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